Wednesday, November 30, 2011

starstrucked !!!

While most of you guys happily enjoy the long weekend, i was busy making and installing the Christmas hanging mobile for my client. But thank God it's done. :)

Tapi ... penat giler ;(

Ok ok .. trying to get in the festive mood. :)
Now see the below picture?
See the stars? ( blue & silver )
Can you tell me the number of stars in the picture?

Now, 2 "vogiuly wrapped" gifts will be given to 2 person who guessed it correctly ( or closest by not exceeding the actual number ). Fast- fast, submit your answer :)

Happy guessing. :)

Tips : between 15 ~ 70 pcs.
I will announce the winner by end of this week. :)


  1. chenxing .. really? tats ur final answer? tak adventurous nyer.... guess la :)

    chai .. thx for guessing :) we'll see if you got the answer correctly :)

  2. ash .. haha.. trying to cut chai issit?

    yvonne .. u so free ahh? no class today meh? :)

  3. Kelly Tan : 65

    Samuel Tan : 55

    Happy Tan : 59

    Ah Q, any of us bingo?

  4. try my luck.. LIMA PULUH!!!

  5. tan, tan & tan .. sori ahh.. below 18 cannot participate .. go play facebook la ;p

    chenxing .. ok.. thats more like it :)

    ad .. thanks.. :)

  6. ooi .. OOOIIII .. people asked for numbers la.. ;p

    sk .. feeling lucky lately?

  7. 40!

    thank you for the gift! LMAO >_<

  8. Wait... the question is 'How many stars IN THE PICTURE' right? Means only those that can be seen lah, not including the ones which are super at the back one coz the rack looks really long!

    My count was 24, but I'm gonna say 25 coz Christmas in on the 25th ;)

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Twenty-four! How many times can I submit my guess by the way? :)

  11. ash .. just joking la.. lagi pun.. both ur answer pun....hahahaha ;p

    bong .. u so sure u mesti kena one ahh? ;p

    j .. let's hope that 25 is your lucky number then :))

  12. chatmate .. thanks for the short and clear answer.. but u r? :)

    jade .. u want to be so greedy meh? 1 person 1 answer enuff la ;p

  13. freedom .. 63 huh? we'll see if you got it rite :)

  14. tak kisah lah. correct or not u will give me too. kan kan kan???

    kidding la. LOLOLOLOL!

  15. dr. b .. sure sure .. i'll gift u one big big gift :)

    kidding la. LOLOLOLOL ! ;p

  16. hmm ...
    a bit hard to guess leh >.<

    i try 45 la ...

  17. matthew .. hard meh? just guess only ma.. its more like based on luck .. so good luck :)

  18. I am changing my answer to 56, hehe...

  19. alan .. this budak!!! u use knee to think one issit? why give 2 answer? ;p

    eunice .. yerr.. so cina.. huatt ;p

    jade .. sori worr.. only accept the 1st submitted answer :) . next time ( maybe CNY contest ) u think kau-kau before submit la :))

  20. er... cause I got 2 knees? HAHAHA!

  21. alan .. ya meh? din notice oso..;p

  22. edward . tq .. we shall see :))


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