Thursday, April 15, 2010

World Peace ...

Jangan jeles .. cos 2 weeks from now, i ( as usual, representing Ampang ... The Yong Tau Foo kingdom ) will be on my mission to spread my love to the world again. The victims this time? ..
The Turkish and the Greeks. ;p

Any advise or tips for me?
Any thing must see, must buy, must try, must do....?

Here's some pics from my previous tour ...
( since i quitted my job to concentrate on the love spreading mission at 2007 ;p )


  1. every year champion king?

  2. wow, you win lah, you are the world peace champion lah.. so 富貴 can go travel far far every year..

  3. when you go Uganda... don't forget to tell me hor... :p

  4. HAHA...we wont jealous anymore...
    u always take number 1...

  5. walao, travel again? rich bitch :P

  6. You're going to Greece? See if you pump some life into the EURO.
    Enjoy the Turkish massage. :P

  7. Aiyo, cantik betul.
    No comment as I've never been to these 2 countries.
    But I'm sure you can perform your mission very well. You're always good in spreading "LOVE". Be safe ya.

  8. How many peace pipes/cigars have you smoked? ;)

  9. i thought u really on the mission to spread the love wor.. cheh travelling ya? so nice leh~ somemore going to Greece tim~ take lots of pics then po it here for sharing ya~ :P safe journey =)

  10. jealous fast......
    i want souvenir lo...

  11. happy holiday and safe journey

  12. Becareful when in Turkey, cos a lot of con man there. 千祈咪俾人坤上床. :p

  13. single .. where got every year champion.. i join to gain the experience onli ma.. not the fake ;p

    sk .. just trying to do a small part to make this world a nicer place.. ( standard answer) lol ;p

    ian .. huh? this one got nothing to do with gaga worr.. its danny hwang going out worr..;p

  14. tz .. y? u got ur pageant team there huh? lol.. btw, i takut gelap la..hahahah ;p

    stacey .. as i said, title is not that important la.. more to open my eyes with new things :)

    l .. u can too ma... near near oso travel what ;p

  15. william .. u think i really shopping freak meh? pump euro worr.. turkish massage? the one in the big hall one ahh? takut la ;p

    ky .. dun b so humble la.. u know u r always my 1st runner n m sure u r better than me in terms of spreading ;p

    ant .. huh? no smoking.. save the peace..hahha ;p

  16. anthony .. take pic? we'll see la.. u want me in the pic or just pic of the scenery huh? lol ;p

    keo .. what is so fast? souvenir? u wait long long ya :))

    sleepypig .. tqtq.. i will :))

    chris .. u think i still 18 - 22 meh? kena con to bed ;p u i dunno ;p

  17. haha... me ar.. depends on who lor.. haha.. lol

  18. chris .. i think we all know ;p


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