Thursday, April 29, 2010


YESH !!!! I'll be leaving the country for 2 weeks later tonight.
Hopefully this trip will be a stress-free one.;p

Try to 'miss' me a bit while i'm away ya..?
Drop la a few msgs if you want to.
Cos if not the blog will be so coooooold. ;p

So let the TOUR begin ...

See me fly, i'm proud to fly up high ...

p/s : in case you have nobody to irritate you during my absence, try listen to the song posted. Hopefully it will make you feel 'geram' a lil' bit. ;p


  1. lol~ we shall wait for ur return then~

  2. amboi, jelesnya~~ hope you enjoy your trip, these are two places that i wanted to visit so much..

  3. Have a safe and nice trip ya....yvonne

  4. 飞去边? 点解 不带我一起飞?

  5. hahaha~ u thought urself as a flying pig eh~ it reminds me a song: flying pig, flying pig, does whatever a flying pig does (amended from spiderpig Simpsons Movie) XD

    no offence ya~ safe journey =)

  6. l .. tqtq.. hopefully i'll get more inspirations to laser then :))

    alive .. thanks.. enjoy the music :)

    sk .. tqtq .. dun juts think think la.. just visit la.. u can geh :)

  7. yvonne .. kamsia wo ;p

    single .. greece n turkey ma.. soli lo.. my luggage full liao ;p

    anthony .. i think it should be ' spider pig, spider pig ..." la ;p

  8. Danny : u so rich hor....greece and turkey wor !!! tapi so hurt since no place for me...

  9. Geram betul. I'll defintiely curse you days and nights.
    Hehe, safe and pleasant journey. Wipe you mouth clean after meals ok.

  10. single .. once a year onli that i can de-stress a bit .. if not i'll end up curse a lot in my blog .lol ;p

    ky .. y u curse me worr? i not yet show u all the pictures and stuffs that i am going to buy from the trip lol ;p
    n dun u worry.. my table manner is very good one.. got certificate lagi...hahahha ;p

  11. don't scare the local folks at the place you're going to visit with your big mouth ah~~~

    enjoy ;)

  12. william .. will definitely will :))

    fable .. du say like that.. who knows? sekali they thought my big mouth is very exotic lerr? lol ;p

  13. walau... diam diam and pergi malanchong... ishhh jealooussss....

  14. Safe return ya...all in one vogue piece! ;)

  15. so many my pig sister and pig brother stay with you wow~~~
    safe & enjoy your journey.

  16. bong .. mana ada diam diam? oledi promote besar besaran 2 weeks ;p

    ant .. tq .. will come back as a voguer big mouth ;p

    sleepypigs .. ya wo.. paiseh.. use the pics of ur sistas n ;p

  17. danny,we will miss u,take lots of photo and looking forward your sharing.

  18. Enjoy ur trip ya.. Have fun!

  19. sandra .. u want pics of the scenery or scenery with me in it ? lol ;p

    chris .. will try to.. so disappointed.. din see u at the airport.. thought can take pic of u in ;p

  20. So are you getting me something this time? LOLx

  21. yuan .. we'll see.. have you een good to me ? ;p

  22. woit danny..... thanks for stop by at my blog and give comment. I balik dr trip you plak pergi yer. Enjoy your trip lei.... and be good.
    Dun forget post picture in this blog ya and make all of your viewer jealous.


  23. nic .. will try la.. cos normally i suka share experience more than pics.. see how la.. if i rajin... lol ;)


Good comment makes me happy.. bad comment get my attention ;)