Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ada betul?

There are million of things that we do everyday. It's either things that we WANT to do or we HAVE to do. I consider myself lucky, as i can choose to do things that i want to ( at least till now ). And i am happy and grateful for that.

It might sound a bit SELFISH to you cos i only do things for myself. But i don't really think so. As long as it doesn't hurt anyone, why should we stop doing things that will make us happier? And for that, i called it ~


Cheers for a better and happier life ;)


  1. I'm thinking about a career change. Contemplating...

  2. oic... but don't you think that its a bit risky to change job now? unless you already have an offer waiting ;)
    happiness is important , but it has to realistic as well .
    add oil ;p

  3. there must be some incident trigger u writing this entry..what was that ;p

  4. ian .. oh mickey you so fine, you so fine you blow my mind , hey mickey, hey mickey .... lol

    eunise.. alo, long time no news. how's new york?
    just felt grateful and lucky. incident? maybe i'll just keep it to myself la :) cheers

  5. I totally agree with you.. You can do watever things that you like to make yourself happy as long as you do not hurt other ppl~~

    Too bad.. The person that I Love.. Haih~~~~~~~~ The other way round.. Seong sam mou?????? Seong sei ngor ar GJ..


  6. yes, i agree with u ... jst do anything tat make u happy !!!
    tat's y i hate britney's song "i was born to make you happy" ~ :P

  7. Lot's of ppl are not as lucky as you that you can do things u've always wanted. Feel blessed if it comes true and wish for it if it haven't happen. I'm still pondering around my wishes so won't know when it'll come true. Wish ya all the best in everything that you dare to wish and go for bro!! Cheers~~~

  8. AM .. ur time will come ;)

    leumas .. ur theme song not - I'm a slave for u meh? ;p

    vel .. thanks.. u too ;)


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