Monday, October 20, 2008

New Kid On The Block

Received a call from the GX Head, asking me if i can do some replacement classes for the coming Fridays. As an individual who need and love money very much, of cos i agreed. Then i asked her what is the class.

OMG! ( Here comes my God again ;p ). It's actually BELLY JAM. I did some MTV classes using Arabian songs before but it's different from this, although i have no problem doing body ripple ( some called it wave ) and butt shaking. This is totally new to me. Or is it they can see the potential in me... cos MY BELLY IS GETTING MORE AND MORE OBVIOUS?!

I guess i can say that 2008 is quite productive for me. As i've signed up for the BODY JAM training in November to diversify my portfolio. And now Belly dance.

Never imagine myself become like him, but who knows? ;)


  1. belly dance. :D
    sexay. :p

  2. 係咩?? didn't know you can shake so much woh.. last time see you dance also very 正經 type boh.. :p

  3. bong ... the dance itself is sexy... me, i dun think so ;)

    sk .. it was POP Dance ma... not belly
    btw, since when Belly dance is 吾正經?;p

  4. erh~ belly dance n danny...
    it's hard to put them together..

    arhh.. i dun dare to think bout that

  5. i wish to c how u belly dance leh..... kekeke....

    do u need to bring extra "loh yau" for your belly dance "shake shake shake"

  6. wow~ cool !!!
    wish u have a good year in 2009 too...earn more and belanja me makan o...:P

  7. wayne ... sometimes ODD is an alternative type of beauty . just try to appreciate it la :)

    cindy ... perhaps a lot of shoulder pads will make my butt look more 3D guarr ;p

    leumas ... all you care is your stomach !!!!

  8. I love ppl who can dance. I can dance by my self but i'm not a good follower whr everybody dances the same dance. i wonder y... wish u success in ur dancing career bah!!

  9. hi vel...
    u love dancing as well huh? i always tell my members:

    Don't care too much about the steps. Just move along, sweat a bit and give me a big SMILE . :)

  10. Hmm.. i like 2 watch belly dance...

  11. chris .. y just watch when you can join ??
    wanna join my class onot? hehehe..

  12. aiks... i really can't imagine you doing belly dance.. haha.. but i believe u can....

  13. Danny do you wan me to help u videotape yur belly dance class?
    Since so many ppl wan to c u dance..... kekeke....

  14. ian ... thanks for believing ;)

    cindy .. no need and u can't . no video allowed in the gym

  15. ok what, you got big belly to show :P

  16. williaaaaam .. u really know how to get my attention huh? ;p

  17. Aiyo Dan... Smile i can give but the dancing may creap you out a bit.. too fat to shake now and it looks so not nice when i was learning hip hop. well belly i hav... belly dance nvr tried b4... too bad u are too far, if not can join ur class... hehhee..

  18. GJ!! I am stil waiting to go for your class!!! When can u find a chance to bring me in??.. =P

    Btw, Body jam is cool man.. next time I can join ur class~ hehehe! I am Body Jam Freak as u noe.. Dammit~ Now my legs are itchy ald.. hahaha!

    All The Biest!


  19. vel .. i'm sure there's belly classes around ur area ;)

    AM .. itchy? scratch lo


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