Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Pump up the volume ...

This is definitely my No.1 Hits of the Week. Love the music and the beat.

That's not my name, that's not my name... ( Jumping and shaking my head )
The higher the volume, the happier you'll be. And that's how i can get away from the things that is bothering me.
Hope that it works for you too. Happy Head-Banging. :)

p/s : Am going to choreograph steps for this song ;)


  1. Hello, I dropped by via Lifebook's blog :-p

    Dude, too bad, the bandwidth in Kampala is not fast enough for me to listen to the music online :-(

  2. 赞成你说的... WOW, 过瘾。

  3. tz .. hi, what r u doing in Kampala? Charity work?

    yee .. there's more interesting musics from them. ;)

  4. i wonder what the choreograph steps for this song will be like?

  5. wayne .. 4 set jumping & 4 set head banging lo...what else? ;p


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