Thursday, October 2, 2008


Was so bored at home today. Decided to go workout at Mid Valley in the afternoon. Cos i thought there won't so crowded as most of the people already went back to their kampung.

Mana tau...大錯特錯,不要來,侮辱我的美。。。

Once i reached Mid Valley, most of the entrances to the carpark are closed. Cos it's FULL ! 1st day of RAYA le.. FULL!!! Luckily i managed to find one which is still open. Then i went to the gym. OMG! Gym is even worse! There's so many people that you basically have to queue for the machine.

After workout, went to take my car. OMG again! ( "My God" 今天很忙,一直給我叫來叫去 ;p) I can see a long queue of cars from Level 5 till the entrance. So i waited for about 30mins to get out from the mall.

But one thing i still don't understand. How come Mid Valley can be so crowded but The Gardens is still so 'spacious'?


  1. 因为花园没有花,所以没有很多人游花园.

  2. 我昨天去“太陽之路”, 沒有人喎..
    不過等下要去MV, 真的有你講到那麼恐怖咩??

  3. sk .. that was yesterday. today i dunno.. but m gng to Pyramid today... hopefully no ppl.. haha

  4. Haha... all the chinese i pressume are out shopping.. but malay are bz doing raya.

  5. ian.. dun think so... more n more Malays celebrate raya in the city nowdays


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