Wednesday, October 29, 2008


教class的時間不算長,只有兩年多。但這兩年來,也了教不少讓members很滿意和喜還的dance steps。印像比交深刻的有 :

I Just Wanna Be Happy ~ Gloria Estefan ( Latin Samba )
Eyes like yours ~ Shakira ( Belly Fusion )
Rock the party / California Dreaming ( Cardio Dance )
Get Me Bodied ~ Beyonce ( Cardio Dance )
Whine Up ~ Kat Deluna ( Jazz Samba )
Papa Jahat ~ The Fabulous Catz ( Hip Hop )

還有最近剛教的Gimme Gimme Gimme ( Mamma Mia Soundtrack ),授到很多member的喜愛。有點70's Disco Dancing的feel。很high,由其是chorus部分的steps更加好玩。大家都邊唱邊跳。

" Gimme, gimme, gimme, a man after midnight,
Won't somebody help me chase the shadow away...... "

我class的那班姐姐們多麼高興。每次叫我repeat, 我笑她們是Desperate Housewives。她們更高興。看到members滿意,我也很滿足。正明沒白廢心机。

Thank You For The Music.


  1. 趁Mamma Mia大熱之際, 可以用裡邊的歌曲 例如Dancing Queen玩一些復古retro steps, 相信可以帶來更多(姐姐和安砥)的共鳴.. ;p

  2. My next plan is ' Voulez-Vous ' cos Dancing Queen is too slow... maybe next week la...cos this week brain is a bit jammed ..;(

  3. wah-ah-ah.. haha.. 师奶杀手 wor ...

  4. no comments on this topic cos mostly are in chinese. so for a banana girl like me who can't read chinese can't make any noise on your comments. hehehe!!!

  5. it's good to hear that u r doing well at as well as enjoying ur job... having a job that we like is jz too important.

  6. jenice .. plan to KILL more

    vel .. too bad, cos sometimes things are funnier in chinese ;)

    wayne .. i m enjoying it. hope u too, with ur new job.. btw, the interview ada pass ka?

  7. Mama mia soundtrack is so nice n i like whine up as well.

  8. chris .. 原來你是走那個路線的。哈。


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