Thursday, February 4, 2010


I was having lunch at Mid Valley today. When i about to leave, i passed by the centre court as there was an acrobatic show in conjunction with CNY. Since i still got time, i decided to stay and watch for a while. They were using that Kitaro's song as background music.. sooooo the standard.. martial art show lah, product launch lah, food presentation lah... all same song. A bit sien liao. :P

But towards the end of the show, there's this little girl ( maybe 5 or 6 years old ) came out and performed. She was really good. Suddenly i felt a bit down. I felt pity for her. She was so young, but she have to do all this. I'm quite sure that she didn't have a ' good and innocent ' childhood memories. I mean what were you and me doing when we were at her age?

As everyone cheered and applause for her, i can't believe that i am actually 'tearing' at on corner just looking at her.:(

I won't say that i had superb memories but, i am glad at least i can have an actual 'CHILDHOOD'. :)


  1. wah..... u that "xyse" ah? Cried at one corner? But I understand what you mean. :(

  2. it's just the luck one gets to life.. well, i think as long as she is happy with what she is doing and what she has now, whether it's a normal childhood or not doesn't matter.. :)

  3. Remember the late MJ...

  4. i thin they all dun have childhood...they all came from poor must earn more money!!

  5. 他们是星妈星爸的牺牲者。

  6. Some child just have not much choice. Maybe they have their own version of 'actual' childhood.

  7. Never know u so 感性one...

  8. wa...since when u become so emo geh?

  9. freedom .. din really cried la.. just tearing.. holding drama kan? ;p

    sk .. ya la.. as long as they are happy with what they are doing.. who am i to judge kan? :))

    william .. i know i know.. its ashamed taht i onli found out the song " childhood " after he passed away.. nice song/...

  10. stacey .. maybe the only satisfaction is when they get they money so they can buy whatever they need la :))

    single .. star? i dun think so lo.. its more like cheap young labors.. exploitation...

    nana .. ya la.. all i can say is i am very lucky.. n will make sure i remind myself everyday :))

  11. keo .. a mirror has 2 sides.. dun b surprise if suddenly i am not myself..i mean the smiley bitchy big mouth ;p

    ck .. not emo la.. just a feeling that suddenly strike me.. ;)

  12. Well, if she has been properly cared for ie clothed, fed with good food and has a roof over her at night, then I think she's doing fine lor.

    Cheer up ya! I'm glad to see your compassionate side. :)

  13. OO... then i suppose you got a very interesting childhood?

    I hit dragon fly and fish just for fun when I was a kid.
    but is it really fun? :P

    I rather start things young.. and be a better person when i was 10 yo.. :P

  14. Kinda reminds me of the King of Masks! We should all be thankful for our blessings.

  15. ant .. now u know i got many side huh? lol ;p

    emo .. call me old fashioned.. but i think a kid should do what a kid do ... my childhood was ok :))

    savante .. err.. is that a book or movie? ( haha.. not really cultured ppl here ;p )

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