Sunday, February 21, 2010


I think i had THE weirdest dream last night.

I was walking on the road and suddenly a rather small and cute dog came to me. It seems that someone threw his toy in the drain by the roadside. And he need me to help pick it up for him. I looked at the drain, the water was clear ( strange kan? clear water drain in Malaysia ;p ). So i went down and get it for him. He was so happy, then went away. Seems quite a normal dream, kan?

Oh, i think i forgot a very important part. Did i mentioned that i was actually having a real conversation with that dog? As in TALKING? ( we both spoke the same language !!! )


Imagine how busy i will be every time passing by SPCA, if i understand dogs. ;p


  1. How does one order a frappucino in dog language? :P

  2. My family always talk to our dog. It is funny that dogs also give response when we talk to her.

  3. I wish I can communicate with dogs! Haha, what else did you talk about with the dog ah? :P

  4. errr, was that dog talking human language, or were you talking bitch language?? :p

  5. paul .. me? doo-little? its more like 'bitch-a-lot" hahah ;p

    william .. oh no.. they can take caffein stuff.. or they'll go wild humping each other by the road ;p

    nana .. i know.. talking to them is one thing.. but actually listening to what they said is another lo..:))

  6. bong .. how many times i have to tell you not to shit around? bad dog ! bad dog ! ;p

    freedom .. cant remember what was the conversation la.. but definitely not asking 4D from them lo ;p

    sk .. i think u'll understand what we said.. so human or bitch huh? ;p

  7. Did you wake up drooling? :P

  8. l .. maybe i dreamt of it thats becos i rested too much.. during cny.. hmm.. must work more..

    anton .. dun worry.. when i oke up.. i still looked very vogue ;p

  9. LOL

    first first i consider your dream as comedy coz talk same language, but... last line said " 哥哥, 可以幫我拾玩具嗎?"
    Its really freakin me out, that was horror!


  10. kokhua .. 那就拍一部‘黑色喜劇‘吧。哈哈。

  11. Now I know I'm not the only bitch around..LOL

  12. ky .. oo so u speak bitch as well la? i think the rest of the gang oso can speak la.. they just pretend they dunno... maintain vogue lah konon ;p


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