Tuesday, February 9, 2010

i love COLORS ...

Was talking to a friend on how us Chinese like to add in 'special effect' on certain words to make it stronger/ bolder / over-er.
For example : Colors. We have ...

( in Cantonese )
白 sai-sai
黑 mang-mang
紅 tong-tong
青 pee-pee
黃 kam-kam

But what about ..
藍 XX?
橙 XX?
紫 XX?
灰 XX?


  1. i only know

  2. http://wenwen.soso.com/z/q135471022.htm

  3. l .. macam got heard before.. this one :))

    alan .. what jit jit ? tong tong la... or maybe KK ppl got different saying huh? ;p

    sk .. ya worr ya worr.. and its so mysterious.. romantic.. blurr blurr..everything is prettier..;p

  4. justin .. tq tq.. but still can't find descriptions for orange and purple wo.. and the one u gave is in Mandarin la..

    takashi .. nvm.. cos i pun tak tau.. thats y u tanya lorr..:P

  5. I love this photo..very nice.
    藍 lok lok.
    橙 tim tim.
    紫 hao hao.
    灰 cham cham.
    LOL...betul not?

  6. eww to KY, wat 紫 hao hao ?!? lolz

  7. like, er? i need to triple read to know that the tong-tong wasn't another adjective for red color. hahahahha

    藍 via gra

  8. I'm totally lost! :P

  9. ky .. no wonder u love purple so much.. tot u like to be mysterious.. rupa rupa nye.. thats the real reason ;p

    l .. he was talking about himself la :)

    bong .. ooo.. seems that whenever we say blue pill.. it will directly lead us to that huh? ;p

    ant .. nvm .. sometimes i oso lost in my own blog ;p


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