Monday, February 1, 2010


Okay, so i was tagged by Paul to do this ' Shoe Whore Awards ' thingy. I usually won't participate in this type of chain-tag stuff, but i guess i just have to do this one. Cos its about SHOES !!! ( Something that i am totally proud of my possessions .. well, besides my Big Mouth ;p )

My SHOES collections :
Sport shoes : Adidas ( 6 pairs ), Nike ( 3 pairs ), Puma ( 3 pairs ) & New Balance ( 5 pairs )( I have to wear sport shoes to dance, workout and jalan-jalan rite? :)

Canvas / Casual shoes : 11 pairs ( assorted colors and design, ohh.. just found out that i got a pair in shinny GOLD color ;p )

Leather shoes : 1 pair ( see? i'm not a formal person ;p )

Loafer : 1 pair ( just feel like owning 1 )

Boots : 1 pair ( high cut one okay? used to be my 'show shoes' )

Sandals : 0 ( not my thing )

Flip-flops : 4 pairs ( i wear it whenever i go tapao my lunch ;)

Shoes in the shoe boxes : Err.. 8 ~ 10 pairs maybe? ( too lazy to open one by one and check )

I won't do any acceptance speech, cos don't think my family would be 'proud' of me for getting this award. LOL
And i won't tag anyone ... i don't do tagging stuff, remember? ;p

Okay, enuff about the award thing. Gotta share with yo guys something.
See this thing? It's a shoe-pad. ( Those who follow Kang Xi 康熙來了 should know this )

Got myself these as my own Christmas present last December. It's just another 'tool' to make my dream comes true.. yes, getting taller. You just have to put it in your shoes ( just like any other shoe-pad ) and SUDDENLY, you are few CMs taller. Comes in cutting for male and female. For someone like me ( 165cm ) who never felt 170cm+ before, i have to say that..." Hmm.. the air up there is really fresher." LOL

So, don't be surprise if you see a 'taller' me next time. LOL
Anyone interested to get it .. for a TALLER CNY maybe? ;p


  1. That's really a lot a lot of shoes..:)

  2. okay. u're officially the guy who i know that owns THAT MANY shoes! LOLs

  3. O_O~ That's like 30-40 pairs. I have around 6-8, my mum already nags a lot. LOL, now I know why your house has no more room to rent out!

    Anyway, you are really 165cm meh? O_O~ Can't tell lo!

  4. u watch 康熙來了 too? i love that program!! watch every episode...btw...m'sia can buy meh? it was popularized by those twin...ohh..they are very cute hor!

  5. 要那么高抹风扇吗?!

    quote from 180cm Wayne.
    haha~ bleh ;p

    btw, it's nice handing out with u during weekends especially after hectic weekdays.

  6. zomok你要穿自己的包呢?????哈哈哈~

  7. oh... my god...
    i can give u the shoes award in the blog....

  8. OMG!!! win liao lor...i hand over my award to you.....

    and i like Wayne's comment!! funny!...i cannot stop laughing at it...can hard to control coz in office...

  9. Hail to the King of Shoes...

  10. I gootta get the shoe pads..
    Shoe king..
    which brand you like the most?
    or can share how you choose sportshoe for which sport?..

  11. haha, now i knw wat i will get u for ur birthday :P

  12. carpe .. err.. not if you compare with those shoe freak who have a room just to store their shoes lo :))

    bong .. many shoes but not much money wo.. how lah? ;p

    freedom .. cannot see meh? very obvious la.. 165cm and short legs ;p

  13. aul .. oh u oso kang xi follower huh? i bought it from One Utama.. not very expensive la :))

    wayne .. no la.. just want to wipe those ceiling lights.. very useful during spring cleaning ma ;p

    alan .. i leak my own secret onli ma.. i never say u got 1 pair oso what...oppsss..

  14. stacey .. i'm suer everyone is good for something.. its just mine happened to be shoes and laser mouth ;p

    single .. not yet shop la.. flea market maybe la.. see if got ppl wants my old shoes or not la .. lol

    paul ( again? ) .. now u know i'm not the onli laser mouth in the blogsphere huh? ;p

  15. tz .. no need so formal la.. next time u see me just pour me a cup of tea lo lol ;p

    emo .. err.. i personally love nike and adidas la.. but sometimes other brand oso got very nice designs.. how to choose? depends on my wallet lo ;p

    l .. what? u gonna give me shoe-lace? i'm soooooooo surprise ;p

  16. Is there any spring cleaning going on? May be can give me a few?
    Short is cute ma.....not 165cm la...may b that measurement thing a bit should be 168cm.

  17. I only can see muscle lo. I very admire your betis muscle. Mine is...... *sigh*, HOPELESS. LOL

  18. Errrrr i think you omitted your collection high heels! lolz.

  19. ck .. u sure u r interested to wear my old shoes? got my smell one wo.. lol ;p

    freedom .. wel.. there's actually a few trainers commented on my calf before.. n i'm loving it :))

    ant .. hmm.. cant find them in my sizes la.. i'm a size 8.5 or 9.. unless i go custom made la ;p

  20. 〉30双鞋子。哇,那鞋架不是要很大?

  21. cool! any idea where I can get those shoe lifts?

  22. mr the .. err.. i dedicated my 3rd room to my clothes, shoes and ironing board...:))

    tanglebloom .. i got it from that 'cubes' shop at one utama.. think they are still selling it now :) btw, welcome ::)

  23. 你的鞋子比我还多,酱我有藉口去买更多了,哈哈哈。。

  24. karen .. go buy la.. no need to give me face one .. i think mr teh is rolling hie eyes on me...;p


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