Wednesday, February 17, 2010

1 more... 2 more ...

Is it a must to wear RED during CNY?

I was at the gym today and saw an Auntie ( maybe in her 40's ) with rather disturbing gym wear. If i'm a gym fashion police, she sure kena my ' dried meat' liao. Cos she was wearing a shinny RED body suit a la 80's aerobics style with matching leg warmers too. Big surly hair to complete the look. Did i mentioned that she is also in her typical 40's woman body shape.

Maybe she thought that that's the way to grab attention in the gym. And yes, she is very successful, but in a baaaaaaaaad way. Not only me, i can see people staring and gossiping about her.

I think most of us know the "importance to dress presentable" in the gym. Working out in the voguest way. But BODY SUIT? Really?

I actually thought of go to her and sing : "Remember my name... FAME!" Follow with a high kick then a dramatic bow. Trying to imagine how she'll respond to that. LOL ;p


  1. Such a scene was quite common place in HK movies from the 80s. :P

  2. 你很勤力写部落,佩服!

  3. 人哋扮利是封搞熱個氣氛都唔得咩??

  4. willialm .. maybe she is still stuck in her glory days in the 80's guarr..

    single .. thought she's quite interesting ma.. so ma blog lo.. :))

  5. sk .. i think not ang pow lo.. she's more like a lobster.. sudah masak one ;p

  6. wah. hottie!

    i mean u. :P love ur new profile pic. hehe

  7. bong .. tqtq :)) but i still will slap u when we meet up ;p lol


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