Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mission : CNY

I normally will gain weight during CNY. Due to the non stop makan-ing, tidur-ing and lepak-ing in front of the tv the whole day. As they said : " What is HUNGRY??? There's no time for HUNGRY during CNY. ;p "

While normally people will only start to go on diet AFTER cny, i guess i'll just take the these 15 days as my short term diet duration. No junk food ( i hope, cos didn't buy any CNY cookies or yee sang at home. and already finished those that people gave me ) and lots of workout. I am replacing lots of classes ( today 3 classes, tomorrow 4 classes, etc. ) for those outstation instructors. More chance for me to sweat.:)

CNY Eve > 63.5kg
Chap Goh Meh > ??.?kg

But i think the main mission is to tone up my arm and shoulder. Cos i got quite a big head, narrow shoulder, rounded torso, slim arms and short legs. Macam 'tortoise' kan? ;(

p/s: 妹妹价紹了一樣東西給我,會讓我變‘不老的傳說‘。好興奮。有了成績後再跟你們分享。哈哈。


  1. 不老的传说是好,不过千年老妖就免了。


  2. aiyoh, you already very SIHAT like a celebrity already lah.. don't cut down too much weight, later too kering tak cantik~~ :p

  3. wow~!!! yu're so fit!!!
    I am i think your height but 70kg !!

    tortise brother.. :P seemed that we are the same kind. and i am fatter.. ha ha..

    gong xi!!

  4. 太瘦很难看的,目前很好嘛。

  5. We'll still love you anyway! :P and probably feed you kangkung! lolz

  6. Love the banner :) Nice colours as well. Only wish I knew what it said.

  7. 你现在ok啊,小心太瘦风一吹就飞起来。

  8. your 不老的傳說 is from jen ah?


  9. Perhaps shrink your head? Joking. Good luck!

  10. sometimes skinny is sexy. :)

  11. alan .. come la come la..but bring cash enuff.. dun bring food .. later gemuk la ;p

    sk .. not really cutting down weight la.. just wish to have more proportionate body lo :)

    bong .. u want like that meh? remind me to slap u when we meet next time ;p

  12. emo .. i'm only 165cm worr.. 168cm with the shoes.. 172cm with shoes and shoe ;p

    single .. that bcos i know how to cover up areas that are not suppose to be seen... abo why u think i onli post my pics shoulder and above huh? ;p

    ant .. i dun mind kangkung.. as long as its fried with ;p

  13. savante ... u got good taste.. its actually a V Day banner.. cos someone told me before that it would b nice to have a ' turquoise ' V Day instead of pink. scroll down for the English version :)

    karen .. if can be blown by wind ok not bad ma.. free free can just fly ( i know, very stupid kan? ;p )

    yvonne .. ya worr.. u oso got ah?

  14. william ... if really can do that, i dun mind gah... since my head still got so many 'space' to work ;p

    darren .. not too skinny la.. just nice body proportion good enuff lo ;)

  15. ui, when alan go, invite me also lo. I wanna visit your place also. :)

  16. freedom .. if they really come la...


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