Sunday, April 22, 2012

comparing notes.

I was having lunch with my friend at Canton-I ( Mid Valley ) on Friday. I went in to get a table first, cos he was late. While waiting for him and browsing the menu, i got nothing to do ... so just pasang telinga je la. ;p

There's a table of 5 young adult behind me and they were busy comparing things like ..
" Eh.. u got this app boh? very cool one la . See? See? ... "
" How much you bought that LV ahh? Cos my friend iso have and she can get cheaper on overseas lerrr .. "

Okay .. gadgets and branded stuffs ~ not interested. Then i switched channel to the 2 chinese aunties sitting next me. And they were also comparing ..
" You not got eat medicine or not? How many type you take huh? .. "
" Your son got girlfriend or not? My son everyday go out with different girl.. haih ... "

Hmm.. health and family ~ very suitable for their discussion. But the best thing is when they comparing sick and dead people ..
" Eh.. i heard Susan's husband got cancer lerrr.. lung cancer worrr.. "
" Yalo yalo... i heard from Kim. Cos apparently my brother in law oso have. They met at the hospital. That's how i know. "
" Ehh? What happened to that old lady selling eggs in the our old pasar huh?"
" Which one? Nehh.. that very skinny one, husband always come to help one ahh.. "
" Ohh that one.. DIE LIAO LA! .. "
( Leave it to the aunties to create dramatic scene. ;p )

So, what you notes do you guys compare whenever meeting up with friends?
Salary? Branded stuffs? Lovers? Sex life? ...;p

It's going to be Monday again. Have a great week ahead everyone :)


  1. Tsk tsk tsk.

    I respect people's privacy hence I don't really go listen to what others are saying, well except when they are talking about hot guys.


    1. tsp what tsp? u think i want one ahh?
      they talk so loud.. how not to hear worrrr? unless i cover my ears la.. and i'll look stupid doing that .. in a restaurant ;p

    2. Imagine if you join in the conversation.

      Hahaha, sure the people will be shocked.


    3. sampat meh?
      i pasang telinga only la.. tak kuasa nak join dia orang ;p

  2. Replies
    1. bukankah itu suatu kewajipan ? lol ;p

  3. Lovers and sex life seem to be common, all my close straight friends always trying to dig stories from me. Other than that... maybe current issues, games, movies, other friends. (Almost) Anything is game.

    1. common? meaning u got lots of lovers and sex life stories to share issit? ;p

    2. no need wish wish..
      just do it. lol ;p

  4. eh you heard about the instructor? also got cancer leh.

    1. huh? which one?
      i know got one got accident la..

  5. I personally love bitching just bout anything.

    1. same la same la..
      we can sit at the same table ;p


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