Wednesday, April 4, 2012

run Big Mouth, run.

I was working at 1U yesterday. Since i finished my work early, and i still have a couple of hours to kill before my class, i went for a movie ~ The Hunger Games.

Half way watching the movie, my handphone slipped out from my pocket and dropped on the floor. OMG! It was so dark and i can hardly see anything on the floor. Luckily nobody sitting next to me. So i started to molest the carpeted floor by raba-ing every inch of it. Can't find. Then i widen the raba zone and found it under s few seats to my left. Thank God.

After the movie, went down to get something to munch before going for the class. Then only i realized that my wallet was not in my pocket. Immediately i ran like nobody's business from lower ground to 4th floor. And i think i accidentally her-pushed a couple standing side by side on the escalator ( or maybe they memang patut dipushed? ;p )

I went to the entrance and told the guy .. " My .. my.. my wallet ... in .. inside.. "
He nodded and let me in. I rushed to the hall and saw the cleaner was vacuuming the floor. I told him about my wallet and went to my seat. SHIT! It's not there. We kept searching up and down but can't find it. Then this "angel from Bangladesh" said something that i never thought i would be so happy to hear it  .. " sini ada "
There, my wallet, stuck in between the seat! I was so happy and relieved. I thanked him and tipped him for his help and honesty ( cos he can just pretend can't see anything and take it after i'm gone ).
Syukur alhamdullilah.

When was the last time you ran so fast as if you were running for the Olympics?


  1. lucky you, and generously enough you tipped him! But true enough, he had the courtesy to give it back. Phones, wallets, car keys you name I dropped it.

    1. small tip only.. but i'm really lucky that he is honest..
      just have to be extra careful next time lor.. scared liao ;p

  2. Replies
    1. i was setting up a window display for my client in 1U :)

  3. "Angel from Bangladesh", hehehe...

    Anyway, I thought you keep your belongings in a bag ?

    1. handphone & wallet in pocket.. the rest masuk bag.. :)

  4. Replies
    1. indeed... thats to that angel :)


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