Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dear Sea Goddess ...

Was at Su Yee and Matthew's wedding dinner yesterday at Avilion, Port Dickson. It was quite hot but fun, cos it's outdoor next to the beach, and no 'adults', meaning no old people around ! It was my first time to a beach dinner and also my first time driving outstation.
Su Yee warned me not to post anything about the dinner. So i just 意思意思post a bit.

The venue ( Day & Night )

Our sitting chart. Can you see my name?

The 3 cast of SATC ( KL version, to be aired on astro Wah Lai Toi & astro Ria ). L-R : Diana, Michelle and Shasha, all dressed up for the event. Where's the 4th one? Pandai-pandai figure it out yourself ..

We all lined up and lit the sparklers to welcome the couple's arrival. You can only see sparklers cos both of them walked ( ran ) in so fast, that they were asked to walk in again, slower ....

The color code for that night is white, grey and yellow. Su Yee told me to wear either one of the colors, not all of them! May be she knew that i might really go full-out with the colors. LOL. So i wore a grey t-shirt and white cropped pants.
Top picture ~ me and Su Yee, the colorful bride. ( So unfair, ask us to wear 3 colors but she put all the colors on herself. ;p ) Bottom picture ~ me, Shasha and Su Yee. Can't recall why Shasha and I laughed till out mouths so wide...and Su Yee with her standard expression...haha. BTW, her wedding pictures are so cool. It's like poster of some movies. Very dramatic. Mainly because they don't have to put on the plastic smile and pose.

This is my favorite part of the night.We were given 1 stone pebble to write some wish or message, that will be thrown to the sea later. I think most of the people wrote things related to 'LOVE'. Me and Shasha saw there's extra pebbles on our table. So we decided to do some charity by writing a message on behalf of our friend, Diana.

Then all of us went to throw/deliver the pebbles to the 'Sea Goddess". But before we throw, we must shout out the keyword of the message. So we heard 'LOVE' everywhere. Wonder if Diana shouted her keyword ~ 'MAN'. Luckily we wrote 'MAN', not 'F***'. If not it will be really weird and funny for her to shout out her keyword! Ha ha !


  1. 日行一善,功德无量。

  2. SATC KL version, the 4th one is holding the camera!! am i right? ;P

  3. wayne ... i knew that i'll go to heaven ;p

    shinji ... can't tell now, u wait when it's on air

  4. Beach! What if it rained!

  5. if become wet dinner lo..n everyone is wearing white.. SEXXXXXYYYYY ;p~

  6. kepo a bit... did your friend engaged a wedding planner?

  7. dun think so..
    wait ...why u ask ah?
    r u....getting married soon? ;)

  8. errr... i kepo only ma but i still got some questions to ask. is a buffer style or sit down dinner type and do they host the blessing ceremony?

  9. it was just dinner ( buffet ).. cos the blessing ceremony was done 1 week before at the church

  10. cool, thanx for the info


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