Saturday, September 6, 2008

I'm BLIND ( almost )

Continuation of the car service post...

When i reached the service centre, i showed my receipt to the customer service rep. He quickly went to get my service chart and start explaining to me the details.

Customer service rep ( with a very professional tone ) :
Oh Mr Hwang, your car is ready for collection. We have changed the filter oil...bla bla bla...and also the tyres...bla bla bla.. this part bla bla bla... that part...bla bla bla... spare part bla bla bla...

I just nodded and smiled to him as if i know what is he talking about. Padahal, aku satu habuk pun tak faham ! Why? Cos i'm a car blind. I only know how to drive and park.

Oh ya, just for you to know me better, i'm also an I.T. blind, income tax blind, financial control blind, handphone partially blind, and computer partially blind.

Will tell you more if i discover anymore blindness in me.

Maybe i'm not totally blind. I just choose to know things that i want to know. :)


  1. 看来我跟你一样,都是 "IT Blind"

  2. 世上無難事,只怕有心人。

  3. i am car blind, economics blind, hiphop blind, financial blind, politics blind, social blind.. all i can say is, i am a NERD WHIZ!!! hahaha..

  4. sk..

    eh..i tot i saw u in dance class before?

  5. Gasp! You're a techno himbo!!

  6. i guess 'techno himbo' is slightly more glamour than 'IT blind' huh?
    so, call me TECHNO HIMBO next time ;p

  7. Oh.. compare with u, i am half blind cos everything also know half. Know how 2 start but dunno how to finish it. Know how to play computer but dunno how to make it. Know how to drive but dunno how to make a car. Know how to pay tax but dunno how to calculate tax. :p

  8. that makes u half a TECHNO HIMBO..hahaha
    join the club lol


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