Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ice Ice Baby

Oh no..definitely not the one from Vanilla Ice. I hate that song, cos it's so LALA. Probably the song was released during my LALA era.. haha ;p

What i'm trying to say is, i think i'm the ICE that need to be melted. Why? Cos i am very bad in socializing with people/strangers. A lot of people say that i am very cold to them, especially those that i've just met. It's not that i'm rude, but i just don't know how to create a conversation. Unless i'm very close to you.

For example, i've bumped into my neighbor for few times in the lift. We greeted each other, and that's it. I know he kept looking at me, maybe trying to talk to me. But knowing me, i dare not look at him. So i pretend look at my watch la, sending sms la, etc. What is wrong with me? He is just trying to be nice. After all, we are neighbors.

So, my questions is, how to BREAK THE ICE ( oh no, not Britney's ;p ) in me?
Any tips that are useful for me when it comes to interacting with people/strangers/new clients?



  1. 将冰山劈开,果然是你年代的歌。


  2. wayne.. same la.. i oso hate to do PR...thats y...;(

  3. Well, you gotta start somewhere. How did your close friends became close? I'm trying to improve in socialising too.

  4. Actually, it's hard to CHANGE.. But I think u can improve yourself.. Try to patch urself to that person.. Hmm.. I hv been to this course before teaching how to break the ice with strangers or ppl that we are not closed wit.. And It's working!!..

    I will tell u next time ya.. Hard to explain here.. Hehe! =D

    Me just came back from Genting.. Sammi's Concert is so damn good! =P


  5. legolas n AM, i will try ;)

    p/s: AM, Sammi's fart oso u say smell nice la, rite arnot? ;p

  6. Danny,你外冷内热型呱!

  7. JasonSiah,

    I was in the concert too, damn damn super extremly damn nice :p

    Love it so much, waiting for "Show Mi Again and Again" haha... sure you know what I said...


  8. tehnee...wanna tell you something I never told you before. when I first got to know you in RS I was very drawn to your personality. you did not appear cold or unfriendly at all. don't bullshit about being shy and whatnot!! Bcoz that's not what ppl felt about you.
    ;p Smile more often, that's a good trait to break any ice.

  9. ah lian... thats bcos there is no other YOUNG n HIP people around ;p thats y stood out from them.


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