Monday, September 15, 2008



Me and Diana ( The IDIOTIC Duo ) went to our friend, Su Yee's church wedding last Saturday. But both of us have to leave early coz got other things to do. Since we are not very familiar with the custom and rules, we created some funny moments in the church.

When we stepped in the church, Diana asked the 1st question :

Di : 我們要坐那一邊?
( which side shall we sit ? )

Me : (我用眼'kuat'她)當然是‘門‘邊啦 !容意‘撇‘。
( of cos door side la, easier to sneak out )

Both of us burst out laughing. Quite loud.
So we found a place next to the door, ready to escape.
Right before the bride walk in, Diana asked another question :

Di :我們是不是坐錯邊?女方好像是坐另一邊。
( do you think we are at the wrong side? cos i think the bride's friends are over there )

Me : (我再次用眼'kuat'她)隨便啦,我們是來祝福他們的。又不是來‘劈友‘。坐那裡不重要。
( who cares? we just come to wish them, not fight for them. no need so serious )

And again, we laughed. Louder this time..
I guess we already in the " Bad Guest " list of the church. Haha.

p/s : Su Yee & Matthew,
Congratulations !! and Su Yee, you dress is very pretty, kalah Ms Wang.;p


  1. God, I love church weddings!

  2. savante... i think it's less fussy than the traditional chinese weddings..:)

  3. That is hilarious!
    Church weddings are so holy and spiritual.

    Hello, first time here. :)

  4. hi cc, welcome :)
    do visit more often.


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