Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dear Upstairs ...


I'm living 1 floor below you. Meaning i'm directly below you. I don't mean to be rude but i think you should start to learn how to respect your neighbors. Since we are staying in a condo, means whatever you say or do, the whole unit might hear or know.

First of all, try to walk gently on your floor, not stomping. So that it won't sound like Godzillas are running everywhere.

Secondly, you really got so many things to drop huh? Cos every time you drop a spoon, or a marble ball, or coin, it will cause a loud sound on my ceiling. And it is very annoying.

Finally, try not to drag your furniture on the floor while you clean your house. 有聽說那些過世的人頭七回魂時,會推一推椅子。如果那是真的話,那樓上每天就會回魂至少三次!

My requests are simple and not too much , rite?

Thank you.
Your downstairs

For your extra info, they were doing a stomp performance when i'm writing this post.


  1. shift upwards and live above ur current upstairs to seek revenge

  2. 冤冤相報何時了?

    u think i so free n rich ah? keep on moving..
    just hope that they ' 識do' a bit la ...;(

    p/s: a creative solution ;)

  3. Maybe kids running around?

  4. i think it's more like the whole family is having fun ;)


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