Monday, September 1, 2008

It's the time of the year... again !

It's fasting month again...
Meaning it's time for me to get busy.. real busy
Preparing all the props for the coming festive set ups.
It's the MOST important time for a FREELANCE VISUAL MERCHANDISER like me to get as many jobs as possible. I did quite well last year, by looking at my files last year. Hopefully this year as well. So far i've secured a few jobs from existing clients. Hopefully more new clients/contacts. Wish me luck. Merry Christmas in advance. Hahaha or should i say Hohoho....;p

I'll be sleeping, eating and breathing with these till month of November.

Besides all the jobs, fasting months also means lots of kuih-muih from Bazaar Ramadhan. All the yummy and interesting foods that you will only find in the once a year bazaar.

Gendang-gendut tali kecapi,
Kenyang perut senang hati.


  1. After senang hati, then body will become besar also. Like they say in Chinese: 心宽体胖. Haha. But the work will keep you busy.

  2.'s a once a year event..dun care lo..
    will start diet after usual..hahaha

  3. i damn love the ramadhan bazaar, so many delicacies in there!! :p

  4. I think will be another busy n money grabbing month for u. Haha..

  5. too me too..不吃白不吃。 :)

    chris... ya lo..and oso a good month to loose weight ( i hope so.. ) lol


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