Sunday, April 19, 2009

Service with a smile :)

Still remember the ' if-u-have-longer-legs' incident that happened in S&K? Well, this time something else happened.It seems that the staffs there are very helpful and friendly, or should i say, over friendly to their customers. I was there to get another pair of cargo pants. So i took 2 styles and ask for the size.

Me : Miss, can you get me a S szie for these?

Her : S size worr.?You sure? ( with a smile )

Me : Yup, S size. Coz the cutting quite loose.

So i took the S size pants and tried. It was quite fit. But if i want to wear it to dance, i will need a slightly loose one. ( 你知道啦,我們每天都在劈退。鬆一點比較舒服。哈哈。 ) So i asked for a size M.

Me : Miss, can i you get me another size M please?

Her : See? I told you already...haha. (with a super warm smile )

Me : ( luckily you are quite nice and helpful....;p )

Then i tried on the M size pants. Looks good. So again i called the sales person to take the length measurement for alterations.

Her : Errr.. 37.5".

Me : Make it 37" la.

Her : You sure? Very short worr...

Me : Yes. Cos i got SUPER SHORT LEGS.

Her : Haha. You are so funny. Haha... ( and walked out ... )

Me : .......

Although i've been "humiliated" twice in that shop, but i still will shop there. And i am happy for the company that they have a helpful and happy-go-lucky sales team.



  1. yeah....u should shop at shops with good customer service! :)

  2. 当自己埋怨自己腿短时,想想坐在轮椅上而没腿的人,应该会比较好过。知足常乐:)


  3. lol... i never knew their service is this good.. haha..

  4. She didn't mean it, trust me. Hoho.. coz sometimes i offend others in the same way too.

  5. B .. i will.. cos thats the only place ( so far ) that have pants with my cutting ;;p

    wayne .. i'm so proud of u.. ur sarcasm skill is getting better and better...:)

    ian .. not sure for east malaysia la

    karen .. i'm not angry.. just felt funny..:) but she was really helpful..:)

  6. 不懂是要讲那服务员太过热情,还是不识时务。

  7. 是那间店啊?我也想去和那sales girl较量下..

  8. i'm keeping my mouth zipped. :D

  9. mr teh .. she is just doing her job.. be nice to customers :)

    eric .. the one in Mid Valley.. n pls go in with an open

    bong .. dun worry.. u r free to say whatever u want... if i beh tahan, i'll laser back..:) fair enough?

  10. Yiks Danny.. don't think we have S&K here in east... Haha.. those customer service are good u know.. they can ask u buy stuffs in a nick of time..

  11. kakakaka. i'm not going to say anything. honest! :P

  12. Come on la~ u r not tat short ok...?

  13. leumas 功力深厚啊。。 看似安慰鼓励,其实是内有乾坤。。 恐怖。

    我 sarcasm 名师出高徒,跟你学,应该差不了哪里去。

  14. Eh.. I thought 37 and 37.5 wouldnt make much difference le. That's mean your legs aren't that short also la.

  15. 差0.5寸?我平时都折起来...那我们应该一样高。

  16. ian .. i dun mind if their service is good.. at least i am satisfied :)

    bong .. now now.. dun be shy... SAY SOMETHING !!!!!

    leumas .. who are u? take off that mask !!!! LOL ;p

    wayne .. thats y i am proud of u :))))

    keenyee .. for my height (165cm ) , i should hv at least 39" long legs...;p

  17. tsubaka .. but i have to trim off at least 8cm from the original length ;p

  18. now i only realized tat u r higher than me 1cm ... :)

  19. erm.

    hello. good day.

    hahhahaha. there. something. LOL

  20. bong .. so give face huh? ;p


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