Thursday, April 2, 2009

Showtime Blues 2

不好意思,一時上隱。都說的啦,老人家喜歡話當年。再講多一 part 做秀的經驗吧。

Annual dinner show for Dunhill. I think the theme is Wild and Red, very Dunhill image. So basically the boys only wear skimpy shorts with boots and the girls only with bra top and g-string with f*ck-me boots '. Half way dancing, you can see that lots of uncle rush towards the stage to take pictures....of the girls la of cos. Really shocking but very fun, looking at those hamsap Ah Pek and Pakcik's face. And also the expression of the Aunties when they saw us stripping on stage...LOL

CNY Dinner show at JB. Since it's CNY , so we have to do some typical CNY thing lo. Girls in cheongsam and guys with the 大頭佛 costume. Do you know that it's really hard to dance with that stupid mask? All that i can see is a small fine line. And bcos of that, most of the guys end up crashing on each other... which makes sense as a 大頭佛.

Akademi Fantasia at Astro Ria. I did the whole Season 1 ( 9 episodes and 2 outdoor concerts ). That was a very good experience. You basically can see my face every Saturday on tv. Macamlah glamour sangat..;p You might see my face now on and off, cos Astro sometimes re-air the performances from previous seasons.

Anugerah Juara Lagu TV3. We were backing up Dayang Nurfaizah, and won the Best Creative Ethnic category. Since i am the shortest male dancer, so my position is at the front row la. But knowing me, i was super nervous then. So when we did the ending pose ( me squat down in front of Dayang ), i forgot to smile. And when i don't smile, i look unfriendly. The next day, ll the people in my company who watched the show call me 'Penari Muka Masam.' ;(
( btw, the performance is viewable in Youtube. But you might not recognise me. Cos we have a lot of makeup on. )


  1. don't want, i just want to see the Dunhill show... how come never post to youtube?? :p

  2. i also wan see the Dunhill show... ;p

    Hehe, those auntie takde took your photo?

  4. sk .. i'm not sure abt that, sekali there really isa clip on that show ;p

    yee .. go join Dunhill, n u might see it next time :)

    keenyee ..u want DUNHILL.. go buy la..RM10 a packet ma...btw, who want to take pic of a not so fit super white male short leg dancer?

  5. i wanna watch that CNY one though. i wonder wat' it's like dancers humping into each other. :P

  6. Dunhill dunhill~
    got malboro & pallmall de ma?

  7. bong .. ' messy water' lo... and lots of cursing after that ;p

    leumas .. quit smoking....;p

  8. thanks for not uploading ur strip shows at dunhill event. haha


  10. ohh~ sounds like the Dunhill show was HOT Wild & Sexy woo~

  11. wayne .. u r most welcome...see? i am so good to u ma..;p

    阿凯 .. sorry.. can't help on that

    chris .. steamy as well :) welcome btw.

  12. Dunhill show?i wanna see also!where?where can i see that show? haha
    your 大头佛最搞笑的 呵呵

  13. ryan .. not sure if youtube got or not la.. can try ur luck there :)


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