Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Showtime Blues


It was the Merdeka Countdown show in front of Sg Wang. 1st time countdown in a very spacious and comfortable area ~ backstage. Met lots of artistes there, such as HOCC, Gary Cao, Fan Wei Chyi, Lin Yu Zhong dan lain-lain. We were so into Gary that time where we posed long-long during the ending so that our friend can take pictures of us with BTW, FFFWC is kind of LCLY ( no offense to FF fans )

A joint production between Astro and Indonesian tv station at Arena of Stars. And it's a live telecast! Sheila Majid was one of the performers and she was so sporting. Cos she was there sitting with us in the dancers room and bitch about those Indonesian...hahaha. Everyone was so tensed but i think we did a great show. BTW, very good pay. ( Tak sangka Indonesia got such big budget ;p )

It was an annual dinner show for dunno which company. We did a Brazil Mardigras number where all of us wore lots of feathers and colorful ribbons. Suddenly, the ribbons on my wrist get caught in between the feathers on my headgear. 打死結. I can't do anything that i just keep on smiling and slowly go off the stage. SWEAT!!!
Oh ya, talk about malu. I once fly-skirt ( 飛裙露底 ) on Sg Wang's centre stage. I forgot that I was wearing a Scottish kilt and i happily go and did a big turn. So basically everyone can see my skimpy shorts....

Also an annual dinner show. FYI, we only have less than 3 minutes to change the overall costumes in between songs. And that day i am the LEAD !!! Cos i am the smallest size male la... It was an African number where we were topless with a leopard print cloth wrapped around the waist and barefoot. For the ending pose, they have to lift me up and i have to strike a wild pose. And i did.... together with my WHITE SOCKS which i forgot to take off during changing.... Can you imagine a wild African wearing white socks? ;p

Hmm... talking about the show, i can go on and on....
You know la, old people like to talk about their past....

p/s : The song that is playing now is the song for my 1st performance as a dancer ~ In Your Eyes ( Kylie Minogue )


  1. FFFWC is LCLY r...Kinda like her singing actually. Sheila Majid is good too. The African + white socks is soooo bad lor.

    Aiyo, you should share more about these next time during our meet up. So interesting!!!

  2. old ppl like to talk abt their past?
    gt such teory meh?

  3. who the hell is fffwc?
    but i like the one which u got the white socks on~ must be very funny :P got any photos to show us?

  4. Very interesting experience. :)

  5. not supposed to wear anything under the scottish kilt, traditionally.. but luckily you did, or else all the audience gotta go wash their eyes already.. hahahaha!!

  6. keenyee .. i love her songs too...but really drop glasses lo...;(

    alive .. wait for another 15 years and u'll b like me ;p

    leumas .. no time to take off socks, u say got time to take pic mou? ;p

    yee .. definitely great experience for me.. got a lot more..

    sk ..我唔會gum來整觀眾的。哈哈。

  7. I really really mm zhi nei siong dim.. Wearing the socks but African wor! hahahaha..


  8. 假使可以 贯注心意
    Everyone is a Superstar
    天的赏赐 世界一致
    Everyone is a Superstar


  9. AM ..想出位囉。哈哈。

    Chris ..
    Dance鑽石與珠片 越晚越更閃
    Dance馬上轉一圈 接齣暴炸點。。。

    prefer 一夜成名 lo...;p

  10. 哟……我锺意african+白袜个part……
    好搞野!! XD

  11. 老人话当年。开玩笑啦。。
    下次可以试看丝袜+african+wild pose=性感非洲野猫

  12. wah... i wanna see that show of topless tiger with white socks lei. hahahaha.

  13. haha, ur post just made my day. so interesting lor. :D

  14. yor.. i tot u will show us all those pics.. show us others performance pics also not bad ma!!

  15. keiron .. u can't imagine how MALU i was....being the lead but then so SALAH...;(

    wayne .. can you show me how ahh? i think u look better like that..

    benedict .. imagine go zoo negara and see atiger wearing sock...;p

    bong .. glad that u liked it... will try to have more of those stories

    jenice .. we normally dun take pic during shows la... no time..


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