Friday, April 10, 2009

Confessions of a Bitchaholic

I was a shopaholic when i was younger, as in when i was in my 20's. I just can't resist the seduction of all the nice stuffs. Despite only earning less than 2k a month, i still managed to live ( quite ) well at the same time contribute a big portion of my salary to the retail industry. And because of that, i am having my own little boutique at home displaying lots of shirts, pants and shoes.

But as i grew older, i have changed from a shopaholic to something worse ~ BITCHAHOLIC.

If shopaholic is caused by the low resistant towards nice stuffs, then bitchaholic is all about the not so nice things. But i have to make it clear that I ONLY COMPLAIN/COMMMENT, I DON'T MAKE UP STORIES/RUMOURS. Cos i hate people bitching about something that is not true. Sometimes it's a bit hard to control my mouth as i speak out too fast before it got screen thru my mind. As a result, lots of people have the impression that i'm an unfriendly person.


So now i'm trying to change. If cutting off all the credit cards is the 1st step to stop being shopaholic, then what is the 1st step to stop as a bitchaholic?

Hello. My name is Danny. I'm a BITCHAHOLIC.


  1. To stop bitchaholic...Spend me a dinner then I will share with you lo, hehe. Always make sure your big mouth is full of food, so that you couldn't talk lor.

  2. i agree with keenyee... i'm in the waiting list for our meet up also...or u can fill ur mouth with other thing...ummm... i mean banana (fruit) ~ hahaha

  3. Bitchaholic的最高境界就是 - 就算把口塞满东西都仲有办法说话bitch一番. 你到了这个境界左未?

  4. keenyee .. tipu makan like this ahh? spend u dinner woo..;p

    leumas .. u r next..once i'm done with

    eric .. bitching inside my heart can consider that olevel or not? ;p

  5. 哈哈哈,丹尼真的是...






  6. qin .. seems that we must learn how to wear mask huh? ;p

  7. 现在我都是尽量少说一句,少错一句,憋着。过后一次过和采茶女讲完那些八卦的事情。

  8. 以前不爽就讲出来。结果过后被人家讲我一点点就唱到通街都知道。。


  9. u r no one if u r not bitchy, be urself, big mouth!

  10. 说话"真"是个人的情操,可是未必人人喜欢听真话咯!说话有时还是适可而止,点到就好!

  11. mr teh & karen .. 好一個夫唱婦隨。。。

    wayne .. u r not helping lerr... ;p

    保 .. its a bit difficult for me to say thing half way..must learn that technique...


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