Monday, April 27, 2009


Have not been feeling well for the past 3 weeks. Went to see doctor twice already. Finished all the medicine given. Still the same. The feeling of vomiting is still there. But whenever i try to vomit, nothing come out. Thats the frustrating part, cos i really tried hard to vomit. I think i even hurt my throat while forcing myself to vomit. Not good, not good.

There's time that i have to stop by the petrol station while i was driving, just to vomit. But still the same, nothing came out. Dramatic huh?

But last night before i went to bed, the got the feeling again. The so-called 'sensation of vomiting' feeling running in my throat. So i went to the toilet and pose vogue-ly in front of my toilet bowl and ..........

I VOMITED !!! Banyak lagi..;p

I know this sounds strange but i am happy, cos i vomited, finally. And hope that everything will be fine from now one...

( My 'favorite' view for the past 3 weeks )

update : vomit again after lunch just now...;(

p/s: i think my weight is still the same, DAMN !!!


  1. 来喜???... 哇哈哈 XD


  2. choi choi choi
    u pregnant?
    oh no~ u still havent marry wo~
    gosh~ later ppl use the pig nest and drown u inti the river

  3. 作嘔作悶?? :p
    you should have come out and meetup with us, am sure you'll VOMIT straight away when you see me, hahaha :D

  4. feel wanna vomit?? that's 2-3 months preg symtom....hmm......... told u many time lioa use protection u not how?? how is the "father"?? hehehe.....

  5. hahaha, i know it's not medically right, but i guess i wuz glad u finally vomitted to. LOL. trying to vomit with nothing come out like tat will injure the throat or the esophagus lor, so yeah, maybe it's finally going to better now that everything is out. :)

    get well soon! :D

  6. congrats... 祝你越呕越多,爽死聂。。

  7. yee .. still feeling the sensation lo

    leumas .. dun worry, i'll drag u along ;p

    sk .. no need to see, i vomited right after chatting with u ..LOL

    paul .. all i did was protect my face...hahaha

    bong .. ya lo.. feel slightly better after vomiting..

    wayne .. well, u can try to feel the sensation if u want to :)

  8. but why leh hoh??
    baby bong.....clinical question for you......hehehe.......

  9. then you should thank me for this great help!! ok laa, i'm not greedy, just go barcelona and lisbon buy me something laa, kekeke...

  10. 未婚爸爸?唉...

  11. hope u vomit even more after this.. :P loL~.. is it a boy or a girl???

  12. paul .. he helped me a lt liao la..

    sk .. tot u just came bk? ;p

    chrisiew .. all because of 'excitement' ;p

    ian .. onli 3 weeks, can't detect yet ;p

  13. like tat oso hapi???

  14. Dude, get well soon eh! ... Better to seek for doctor consultant again ...

  15. better check out thoroughly, no good to have such feeling for so long..

  16. Aduh, so kesian. I don't like vomit wo, hate the smell. As SK said, you should come out last Sunday lo. Sure terus VOMIT seeing us. Keke.

  17. I were admitted into hospital for almost a week (few years ago) because of kept vomiting.

  18. thanks for all the care n concern.. think i'll go to the specialist next week.. this week is just too busy...;(

  19. 我了解,那种想吐又吐不出的感觉是很痛苦的。吐了后会觉得正个人很舒服。不要喝牛奶喔,会让你吐得更严重的。

  20. surprised to see u haven't been updating. are things going on alright?

  21. 悶到嘔

  22. karen .. u will get more of that when u got pregnant next time

    bong .. this week busy with set up :)

    tagnan .. u think too much ;p

  23. How r u now?
    Feeling better?

  24. Thought u vomit liao, so the baby also gone den

  25. shin .. i will :) tq

    chris .. better liao.. hopefully wont vomit again la...

    ck .. uncle.. ur theory a bit salah huh? ;p

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