Thursday, December 10, 2009

Good BUY !

Have you ever bought something that you felt TOTALLY WORTH BUYING even after a long period of using it?

If you dunno me yet, i am a SHOE-FREAK. I can't stand looking at a pair of nicely designed shoes. And if the shoes come with an affordable price ( there is no description for AFFORDABLE ;p ), i won't think twice but to buy it immediately. Guess there's a little bit of CB ( SJP ) in me. ;p

There is these 2 pairs of shoes that i bought years ago, but still made me proud every time i wear it.

1st pair : My NIKE gym shoes. Wear it to almost everyday. You can see some part of the sole is a bit worn out. But sometimes still get compliments from others. Do you like the color combinations?

2nd pair : This one lagi macam CELEBRITY. Bought it 2 years ago and only wear it to special occasions. But every time people saw it, they will definitely ask me where i bought it, cos they really love it. Never fail to grab the attention ( sometimes i just wish that i am the shoes ;p ) Do you think that the design is too loud?

Now, what is THE thing you bought that really makes you proud? Let's narrow down the category to clothing or accessories ( bags, shoes, etc ) items. Share a bit, mana tau we are of the same taste? ;))


  1. i love the second pair of shoes! now where did you buy it from?? xD

    well i have my piano that i've been using for a few years and whenever the piano freaks come they will ask where did i got it from, lol. kinda a cheap price for a good piano :D

  2. 自从上次N_K_鞋烂了后,就不买这家的鞋子了。买了Timber_ _ _d的,也不见得好穿。还是拖鞋最好穿,哈哈。


  3. if you want to narrow down to clothing and accessories, then i got nothing to be proud of lor.. i see everything you wear also so nice looking, i feel nothing i'm wearing is nice and so intimidated already.. :p

  4. iisshhh... we sama-sama only!!

    I am not a shopaholic, but I am definately a SHOE-ADDICT!!!!

  5. 好看, 不过的选对衣服搭配.

  6. I have lots of shoes too... but the color combination is not as loud as yours ... hmmm... let me see
    5 pairs of Nike sport shoes
    1 pair of Dr. Marten boots
    2 pairs of timberland boots
    1 pair of Hi-tech boots
    1 pair of Clark
    1 Crocs flip flop
    1 pair of Hi-tech Scandal
    1 pair of Fila walking shoe

    I have even more shoes than my mom ... *blush*

  7. woah~ both of them are nice... great taste u have :)

    well, as for me, i cant resists to buy kinky underwear :P

  8. Loved the second one.
    Stylist and beautifully done.

    You really got very stricking gym shoes!!! I bet at the gym , they only stare at your shoes!!. :p

  9. Alamak i should call TZ our Imelda Marcos!! Muahahaha!...

    Hey Danny Aunty - I love your red checked shoe. Can I borrow sometimes? Looks nice for the TV set - Little House On The Prairie... Heeee heee heee

  10. oohhh.. I love accessories! Bag, Heel, sneakers, necklace, earings.. bla bla bla~ I willing to spend money on this category.
    but on the other hands, things tat make me proud should be my clothes. Cause they all look very expensive but actually is really cheap.. so ppl will like where u buy it..

  11. I love both pairs! :)

    Next post, please show us your collection of earrings, necklaces, bras and panties hokay? :P

  12. conan .. i always wish that i can play any music instrument.. piano or guitar.. thought thats so cool..:)
    i got the shoes from SoleWhat @ The Gardens.. btw, welcome to the blog :)

    mr teh .. hmm.. not easy to get a pair of good shoes huh.. i dun wear loud shirts.. so i make it slightly louder on the shoes lo..:))

    sk .. yerr.. why sound so fake one?? i prefer the straight forward laser-ry u lo.. u oso got nice taste what.. at least u wear polo tee better than me :)

  13. jenice .. says who we are the same? i know how to tidy up my closet and shoe rack.. u can meh? ;p

    single .. i only go for 1 focus point on me la. plain clothes when i wear loud shoes.. not really that loud anyway ;p

    tz .. hmm.. i think i have more serious problem than u lor.. show u guys next time if u guys come to my house la..:P

  14. l .. tqtq.. to tell the truth.. underwear is the clothing that i pay least attention to.. dunno why.. not not into any fancy

    emo .. no la.. that gym shoes is not very striking one.. look at my shoes ONLY? WHAT ABOUT ME? :PPPPPP

    twilight .. that tartan checks is so the holiday season kan? maybe can add on some fairy lights and .. voila.. ur lil xmas decor..LOL

  15. eunice .. i oso only buy affordable clothing.. cos i strongly believe that WE are the one who makes it looks expensive.. not the other way round..:))

    gratitude .. err.. not so much of an accessories or under garment person wo.. maybe can ask L2 to show la.. since he loves to collect kinky undies...;p

  16. I did notice your 1st pair of shoe also. Very nice lo.
    Must be clothing or accesories? Hm..nothing to be proud about le.

  17. ky .. cos ur BEST assets are on u rite? the face.. and whatever attached to it ;p

  18. i had a pair of bling bling flats that I bought from HK that makes me really proud. It grabs attention whenver I go. I remember there was one time I enter 4 shops (Coach, Juicy, Anne Taylor, and GAP), the sales girls just looking at them and told me how cute they are!! proud eh haha


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