Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Back to Basic ...

It's the end of 2009 and i decided to do it the basic/ traditional way .. write the post ... YES! i mean WRITE.
( Kindly click on it to read the content ;p )

There you go, my last entry for 2009. Just so you know ~ WRITING a post can be quite tiring. LOL ;p
See you next year. CHEERS !!! :))

p/s : did u have a great 2009? i know i did :)


  1. aiyoh, this is so not Big Mouth lor!! anyway, a sweet post telling us truly what's in your heart.. see?? that is why i said you are actually very 秀外慧中, it's true..

    have a great new year 2010 ahead!! :)

  2. i love your hand-writing~
    wish u stay handsome,stay "vogue" have a wonderful year in 2010~

  3. Danny 仔 : 太劳累不好, 太辣也伤身. 新的一年, 好好对待自己身体.

  4. chewahhh...

    thank you thank you. hahaha.

    let me help you set your resolution for next year: join our dinner more often! :P

  5. Nice hand writing ...

    Ditto Medie007... join our YUEN outing eh~ More Shrimps etc...

  6. 你搞得我眼湿湿佐。。。



  7. Such sincerity to write, me likey this post a lot! ^_^

    Sure can tell that you are not a doctor! lolz

    Have a Blessed 2010! May only good times follow you. ^_^

  8. adui... meseh nya writting tu..

  9. :) so happy tat u have a great year in 2009~ hope u have all da best u want/wish in 2010 la~

  10. wow what a great year eh ? haha~
    happy 2010 ~ XD

  11. 看完后,颈都歪去一边了 :P

  12. Writing a post is quite tiring but posting up pictures means a thousand words...

    Happy New Year Danny =)

  13. sk .. sometimes laser can be very mild and warm oso ma..;p still figuring out what is 秀外慧中 means..hehe.. solilah. my chinese sdn. bhd.

    sandra .. huh? its seems that u hv very special tatse huh? like my hand writing ..LOL.. stay cute n hope to c u again :)

    single .. im always gd to myself ( or shld i say selfish ;p ).. u tk care too.. happy good year :)

  14. bong .. if i join u guys more for dinner, then it will clash with my other resolution ~ stay fit.. how lah? ;p

    tz .. thanks.. i look at the shrimps oso full liao lo..;p

    freedom .. no prob. ur KL life just started. hope that it will be a gd one ;)

  15. ant .. thanks.. doctor? no way.. m not gd in body contact.. although it can b quite interesting..heheheh..

    tony .. apa itu meseh? messy? thanks for being honest..:))

    l .. u too la.. rmb ok.. at least hit 9 of them in the list lol ;p

  16. axordim .. u too.. better year for ur studies i guess. add oil :))

    mr teh .. I AM VERY GLAD THAT U CAN SEE THE 'd'.. karen is so lucky.. to have such a 細心 guy like u..happy good year :))

    ian .. i dun hv nice nice pic wor.. so i write lo...c u next year ))

  17. wishing u a happy sexy new year!

  18. Happy new year to you , Danny.

    Seemed that you had went to quite a year.

    And for your close friends, Its always a blessing for them to intro more friends to you. They are so nice!!!

    Happy new year. A new beginning. A new future.

  19. ed .. u too u too..:)) plan to get lucky tonite? hehhe ;p

    emo .. ya worr.. more frens.. more stories for me to blog :)) happy new year :))

  20. nice handwriting d

  21. ck .. actually i am very proud of my 'd' ... but kena marah when in school..cos look like '2'..;(


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