Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hottest topic in town ...

Today is only the 2nd day of December, but i've already heard people talking about the same topic everywhere more than 10 times.

" Wah... so fast.. it's the last month of the year liao... Have you achieved your target for this year? "

A bit sien la.. everywhere oso people ask me the same question. My target? Err.. to stay happy lo..( and to be fit ;p ). I don't really set a target / plan for myself every year. Cos i am too lazy to think of my future... just let it be lah.. As long as i am enjoying my everyday.:)

But if you really want me to sit down and think, what did i achieved so far ya?...

~ went holiday ( at least once a year lo. 2009 ~ Spain & Portugal )
~ did lots of VM job which most of them are new for me ( especially the Christmas set ups.. damn tiring.. but when i look at the reward... hehee.. can go shopping liao...;p ) ( will show you guys the pics if got chance lah )
~ know more friends from the blogsphere lo...( cos i hardly go out and mix around.. so glad and thankful...( fake tears in my eyes ))

Honestly, my daily life is quite a routine, so nothing much to pick on.

So, what's your biggest achievement this year ( so far lah )?
( I hardly ask so serious question one ok? It's so not me ;p )


  1. hmmm~ nothing really excited tat i have achieve this year :(

  2. i have long never set myself any new year resolution, because i never have them achieved!! so instead of getting disappointed, might as well set no goals and enjoy life everyday..

  3. 希望越高, 失望越大

  4. Ok! it's last month of the year... time to go to gym and work out kao kao ... Ciao~

  5. So serious 1 this topic.
    Hehe, my resolution for year 2009 is stay healthy and happy. So far OK wo. Oh yea, and reduce weight.. and I did achieve a little. This is probably biggest achievement kua. Ade different since the 1st time you saw me?
    And knowing you guys also one my biggest achievement (so fake like you hor..hehe)

  6. haha...
    im same v u...i very lazy to thin about my target...sometimes i olr fix my target ,finally is im give up...

  7. fake tears hor, i thought it wuz the steam from the shabu pot. :P

    Resolution, hmmmmmmm it good to set targets whether we could achieve or not, coz it sets a target we could work towards. Hvnt done mine yet coz too bz thinking of weekly dose of oysters and prawns.

  8. 在筹谋着我今年的其中一个计划,要把薪水翻一翻。

  9. haha...not bad ma...
    What i achieved?
    seems like nothing much wo..
    student's life...duno..
    quite fantastic year i have...=P

  10. erm...
    2009 for me is a so UNexcited & DULL !!
    my both of my besties went oversea to study..
    n my life is also daily routine, nothing much happened..
    unconsciously, it's really come to the end of the year. REALLY FAST la..
    i think the most significant things hapenned was i graduated aldy.. i finished my degree but somehow i will continue for further study..
    Target for 2009? i think is achieve flying colour result.. I think i achieved 80% la.. thx god^^

  11. My 2010 resolution is to ski Mt Sorak besides climb the Yellow Mountain near Shanghai before Grandma's golden years. Lastly, increase charity activities to twice monthly! Anyone?

  12. In 2009, I ate at Yuen almost 50 timessss! Crazee grandma and the farking boss still didn't issue me loyalty VIP Pass! CB@#$%!

    The best thing was to meet sane bloggers and retarded ones too. LOL

  13. Yes, i can bake cake now~ WooHoo~

  14. held a charity event for orphanage, visit sg for the very 1st time go out of malaysia & celebrate my sis's b'day over there lo.. hehe..

    next year plan to get a partner for myself~ lol~

  15. my resolution is very low key, to just survive as well as I can. i foresee lots of trying times ahead for Malaysians in general for the next few years

  16. l .. i guess nothing bad happened is oso another type of achievement , rite? :)

    sk .. exactly what i am doing now.. enjoy now.. worry later.. ( but of cos not too overlah..;p )

    single .. its not so much on the disappointment la.. but its just i dun really like to do everything as per plan ( except on my job ;p )

  17. tz .. 1 month is more than enuff to get the perfect shape ( of cos wif strict diet and exercise routine lah )
    gd luck.. wanna see the new you in 2010 :P

    ky . welcome to the fake society.. then i guess i oso got a little achievement like u in weight loss department la..hehe.. lets stay vogue together gether..;p

    stacey .. i think a bit of guidelines are ok.. but not too strict that u have to follow everything lo.. then u'll b very tired catching up...:))

  18. ant .. maybe for 2010, u can put in the steamboat thing as part of ur yearly plan la. how many time per month .. see can hit target or not? ;p

    mr teh .. u still hv roughly a month for that.. gd luck.. and make sure u share with us when u achieve it :))

    keo .. there u go.. a FANTASTIC student life.. which lots of ppl envy about... ( i am one of them la ;p )

  19. eunice .. see?.. u graded and passed with gd results.. not bad ma...:))

    twilight .. u want to set a 100 times target for next year? btw, i belon to which category ya? SANE or RETARDED? ;p

    karen .. and yet u 2 haven't let us taste ur product ;p.. not even when u guys came down to kl ;p

  20. chrisiew .. more gd things coming in ur way.. as usual.. wish ur spring flower bloom big big next year la ;p

    bengbeng .. well that is a very realistic one .. :)


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