Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What is NOT in your wish list?

Finally, completed all the Christmas job last night. So now i can put my Christmas nightmare aside, and start my favorite thing ~ CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!!
It's always a big challenge to buy things for your friends cos you want them to like the gift as much as you do at the end of the day. That's why i normally try to get the gifts which are suitable or useful to them.
Now, do you mind sharing with me the things that you DO NOT wish to receive as your Christmas gift? Just want to know what is the not so popular gift in general. ( Doesn't mean that i'll get something for all of you, ok? ;p Unless you have been good to me ;) )

After getting all the gifts, it will be another part of the process that i love ~ GIFT WRAPPING. Still remember the wrapping style for last year Christmas? Hoping to do something impressive this year. Wait and see ya...:)

Gift Wrapping for Christmas 2008


  1. I do not wish to get clothes, because it may not suit me.

  2. i remember this raindeer wrapping style frm u last year, though i didnt receive anything frm u ~ hahaha

    wow, so fast 1 year lo~ :)

    things i suggest not to make it as a gift would be:-
    1. accessories for office use
    2. clothes, unless it is freesize and branded
    3. diary or planner
    4. fridge magnet

  3. 直接给钱就好咯!


  4. 很多礼物到头来, 都是垃圾, 益了生意人.

  5. Erm Erm... *excited*

    I prefer something which can be worn or carry whenever u go, 'dekat di hati' mah! hehehehe~

    U ler ahsuk?

  6. legolas .. i oso dun really like to receive clothes..cos i am a bit particular on what i am ;p

    l .. freesize and branded at the same time? PS boutique issit? ;p

    chileong .. me too me too, i always tell friends to give me money.. instead of buying things that.. err err err ;p

  7. single .. thats y i make sure the receipient will use the thing that i give :) or i'll just force them to ;p

    alan .. y so excited? have u been good to me this year? ;p dekat di hati worr.. BRA lah. ok? btw, what cup ahh? lace or cotton lycra material? LOL ;p

  8. Perhaps we should start a trend, by giving receipts of donations to charities as a Xmas let the recipients know that their gift has made a difference to the unfortunate ones. How about it?

  9. not something decorative will do. :) i have enough plastics occupying all my bags! hahaha

  10. i'll welcome any gift as is the thought that count and is a sort of bless coz it's a sign that someone still remember me and regards me as a friend! Christmas should be time for giving instead of receiving...cheers!

  11. Photoframe. But always receives that =__=

  12. YES wish list :
    1. I would love to receive a hug...
    Maybe a kiss
    and definitely.. (ONE night..)
    Friends gathering.
    2. Snow..
    Teasing riddles to find my present.
    3. Holding your hand..
    4. A scent that one like, so that I can put on the scent for my love ones...

    NO NO wish list :
    1. Book.. (Dont choose what book I should read!!!)- Instead Give book vochers!
    2. No decorative items.. (I am way passed kiddy years)- Plus.It is not very useful except if you have a big house!
    3. Diary (I got HTC phone d)
    4. Movie CD/ Song CD.. (I am a fan of on-line movie and cinema)
    5. Santa claus.. Because I know the santa claus is you..

  13. Wow... what a nice wrapper... I personally think as long as not those things that people gave you or something that looked cheap would be lo...

  14. hehehe... what not in my wish list ... Plenty... things which is not applicable ... that's why i stopped going to Xmas party with gift exchange.

    I agreed with Gratitude, we should give those people that really need the gift :)

  15. I have too many unused photo frames in my drawer. What do you think le?
    I'm always lazy to wrap gift 1 le, although I love nicely wrapped gift, hehe.

  16. i am not greedy lah.. i just want ONE single wish and that would be enough..

    EVERY WISH COME TRUE!! 想嗰樣得想嗰!! :p

  17. I love your wrappings!

    Can you please change your yellow text to bloody red or anything else? Your text killing grandma's eyes laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

    Don't give me food! Give me cash!

  18. walao~~~!!! ur wrappings!!! so nice one..???? even it's empty in the box i oso feel very happy lo, if got such nice wrapping....

  19. ant .. i love that idea... giving and sharing at the same time...:))

    bong .. i oso dun fancy decorative items.. unless it is really an art-piece..:))

    paul .. wow.. u r definitely one of the less choosy guys that i know.. very gd attitude..

  20. karen .. i think it's the top 3 gift huh? but i dun mind if it is plain and nice one la..:)

    emo .. wow.. i only asked for things that u dun want.. and you gave a a quite detail lists huh? :)) happy christmas..

    lesly .. its really a knowledge when choosing gifts for others horr? :)

  21. tz .. i prefer 'secret santa' than lucky draw.. cos u won't know what BONUS stuff that you will ;p

    ky .. picture frames for cam whore.. MAKE SENSE what? ;p lol

    sk .. haha.. thats oso m only wish for xmas, new year, birthday......;p

  22. twilight.. u got gd taste ;p well.. this is not a 'friendly' blog ( just like the owner ;p ).. wear sunglasses to read my blog next time..hahahaah :P

    keo .. i still got the empty boxes ones.. u want? lol ;p

  23. i m thinking when and where i can meet u to give u Christmas present d....sorry hor....i m not dat creative and not expert in wraping stuff.

  24. ck .. its the thoughts that count la.. din c u at chifit last week.. quitted liao? ;p

  25. wah~~~~ You wrapped those gifts really beautifully lo. Simple yet classy and VOGUE~ :P

  26. wah~ impress the deer thingy,
    so much of christmas feel :)

  27. Not quit but let go of that class since 'tulan' with that new rules...but wed n sat class still on

  28. freedom .. cos i love wrappings.. anotehr way to express myself maa..:)

    chrisiew .. i like to put a lil hint on it la.. no need too terang-terang xmas stuff :)

    ck .. no wonder.. cos i thought can pass u thing yesterday ;(


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