Thursday, December 17, 2009


I enjoy being on stage ( dancing, not talking ), and i love that moment. Cos i can feel the confidence and the satisfaction. And i know i can send out strong message through my body language and attract those that need to be attracted. But when i stepped off the stage, i will be someone that is too shy to voice up. Public speaking = asking me to kill myself! I called it 'off-stage fright'. ;p

Now, i believe that there is some little thing you do everyday which makes you feel confident, satisfied and enjoy doing it. It could be :
~ the moment where you are doing some presentation in front of your clients
~ the moment you get back from work and cook dinner for your loved ones
~ the moment you speeding all the way to work cos you over-slept

So, what is THE MOMENT of your daily life?

p/s : If you think 'crossing the road in front of pavilion with your supermodel walk' is your moment ... err.. still acceptable lah. ;p


  1. wow.. the 1st time i be the 1st who comment.. haha..
    erm.. i think my moment will also dancing but in the dancefloor , NOT the stage la..
    just imagine myself as lady g@g@ in malaysia.. whahahahaha~
    *what's the name of the club? I cant remember but it's alright & alright , JUST DANCE !* ;p

  2. u shy...? =) i tot u very confident in talking...lolz
    me? confident doing wat? depends on my mOod

  3. yeah....on stage is fun n that feeling when the camera is snapping the picts non-stop.Though i m not a celebrity like BIG MOUTH DANNY, yet trying to be wanna be :p can ar?

  4. My confident moment would be when I go to sleep every night, that I'm sure I will be dreaming of something. It's strange. I dream every night. Without fail.

  5. hehehe... my moment is sleeping on my comfortable bed naked ... Yup~ It's naked :p

  6. the moment of my life will definitely be the relief once those bulk of smelly gold pass out from the anus.



  7. Sheeeesh! I read it as "Public Spanking"! :P

  8. The moment of my daily life would be when i am meeting with my suppliers. I will feel very confident in front of them.

  9. Long time no post out your dancing clip ler.

  10. what about shitting every morning in the toilet, really having my own sweet personal time, and especially delighted when i can have a one-big-shot-and-that's-all.. LOL :D

  11. hurmmm....i dun really hv "the moment" on a daily basis though...

    i've always feel fabulous for no apparent reason by just wake up in the morning! ha ha ha

  12. the moments eh?
    sleep eat tv blog eat and sleep ~ :p

  13. well my moment of confidence is when i've done coding a site and watching it go live! while within the process there may be a lot of problems involved, but once it's done you'll feel the rush of satisfaction :D like a baby born!

  14. eunice .. i am AMPANG Gaga.. n u lerr? CHERAS Gaga? lol.. as long as u enjoy what u r doing.. who cares abt others rite? ;p

    keo .. ppl very shy one lerr.. especially to strangers ;p
    i agree that mood is very important cos it will affect the moment :)

    ck .. u oso born to be a show boi lah.. lol.. bet u had a great time doing that catwalk.. got peluk peluk lagi.. ;p

  15. legolas .. haha.. join d club.. i oso dream everynite.. never fail.. relax or tired.. and oso very CREATIVE dreams...:))

    tz .. say sleeping maa enuff lorr.. why must emphasize on the NAKED thing lerr? ;p

    bong .. totally agree.. the satisfaction is priceless kan? LOL ;p

  16. ant .. tak sangka u got such fetish huh? ;p

    karen .. so envy u la.. cos thats the thing that i am bad in.. really need to brush up my PR skill..

    mr teh .. no need la.. later everyone become too slim ( no appetite after watching...hahahaha )

  17. sk .. i like that oso la.. especially when u r at ur home.. can boom as loud as possible... very the syiook , kan? ;p

    ed .. wow... i love that spirit.. must slowly make that a practice ...:))

    axordim .. wow.. every moment is YOUR MOMENT huh? ;p

    conan .. me too me too.. its quite tiring when prepare props for display.. but once its up.. all the hardwork is just worth it :))

  18. 在朋友面前发表属于我的意见,那应该就是我最有自信的时候^^

  19. choocolate .. i onli can do that if i'm with close frens.. or else i'll just put on my invisible shield..;)


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