Monday, December 28, 2009

a little too LATE ?

I tried something unusual the other day...

I was chatting with one of my friend via skype. We talked about life, Christmas party and gifts, my blog.. and all the usual stuffs. But the UNSUAL thing is ... I WAS EXTREMELY NICE TO MY FRIEND!!! I was so polite, soft spoken and apologize immediately when i said something wrong. And THAT IS SO NOT TYPICAL ME ;p LOL
At the end, the conclusion that i got from him was ... " something is bothering me, i am not happy. Cos I AM ACTING WEIRD."


Most of my friends or ex-colleagues love my bitchy attitude. Cos they said that it's very entertaining to watch me do my LASER SHOW. ;p Gosh, I guess it's very hard for people who have a VOGUE ( or rather unfriendly ) FACE like me to be nice and friendly to others. 命苦啊~~~

Do you think that you will still come and visit my blog if i cut down all the craps and bitchiness ... say January 2010 onward? :)
( BE HONEST !!! )


  1. seriously NO !!! i love danny since the day i met you, becoz of ur bitchiness~

    how come vogue big mouth stop lasering and being polite... it is so not Danny anymore...

  2. OMG, come on, don't have to pretend to be a kind and sweet guy, just be yourself!! and that is what we love you the most~~ :p

    year 2010, you are not only a laser mouth, but instead a fiber-optic mouth, hahaha!! :D

  3. I love Danny, just be who u are.

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  5. just be who you are lah. :)

    besides, i never seen ur laser pun. :P

  6. I like this Danny ..... slightly bitchy, not too spicy! :)

  7. following a blogger is to be with him/her through all the changes in life he/she partake.

    a true friend will always be there no matter the changes~

    hv a great new year ahead!

  8. When you're bitchy, one crowd will love you. When you're nice, another crowd will love you. So no matter what, people will love you.

  9. Just to be yourself ok???
    That your selling points and better to keep it in your 2010 blog lo~! Cheer!!!

  10. LOL, you WON'T change even if you WANT to lo. You are who you are. :) And you are always nice to me lo, will know it soon. LOL.

  11. Danny and "Bitchy" must stick together lo, or else something is wrong. :)
    Anyhow, we "love" you no matter what you are. You are our super idol (Mau muntah).

  12. hey...
    ppl like to visit ur blog is because is so real as u just being urself..
    as in u dun care ppl said u r stupid big lasering mouth, but u will proud to say :" yea, i'm a bitch, so?" tat kind of attitude..
    so i guess ppl like you bcause u r the real danny the big mouth..
    so am i ^^

    p/s, we know u hav a kind n lovely heart too.. XD

  13. l .. who say i cannot be polite? i just need to put on a ;p

    sk .. fiber-optic ahh? so high tech la.. u wanna help me to compose the color lighting n songs? ;p

    single .. wow.. simple n short.. yet very touching.. ooo ... so glad to be loved..hehehe

  14. bong .. u think i dare to laser in front of twilight meh? tak pernah mati kah? ;p

    ant .. oo.. i like " slightly bitchy, not too spicy".. mayb i shld use this as my new tagline..:))

    ed .. i know la.. and i'm very grateful to have them as my frens.. u know la.. not all ppl can tahan bitches like me...LOL ;p

  15. legolas .. hmm... thats a very deep thing.. must lie down n think ...:))

    lesly .. selling point? u think i still can sell meh? got buyer meh? ;p

    freedom .. i can change.. but its just i wont be as happy as i am now ;)

  16. ky .. pandainyerr nak ambik hati... if danny=bitchy...
    then ky = .... flirty? ;p LOL

    eunice .. ooo.. that is so sweet.. well.. i can only think from the good side la.. to make myself feel better..LOL ;p


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