Saturday, December 26, 2009


Went to a Christmas Party organized by friends on Thursday. ( FYI, this is my very first time attending a Christmas party lerr..) And the theme for the night is OTT ~ Over The Top ( 浮誇 ) !!! And there is actually a PUNISHMENT for the LEAST OTT guest! Oh by the way, the BEST OTT award gets RM200. ( 10 person x RM20 each ).

Knowing me ~ the KIASU one, and them ~ the DARE DEVILS, of cos we have to dress up really OVER to avoid being punished. Who knows what is in the punishment lists.;p

There, my OTT look for the night. Ada OVER tak?I stitched the costume myself, ok? ;p Anyone want to borrow for Halloween next year? ;p

( thanks SookTeng for the pics ;))

Although i didn't get the BEST DRESSED AWARD, but i am glad that i made some new friends that night. ( not easy for some anti-social like me to make new friends, ok? ;p )

Did you have an over-the-top Christmas this year? I did. :)

p/s : Would like to thank the following people for their gifts :

Alan C. , now i can stay vogue-ly fresh whenever and wherever i go ;p
Wayne , now i can be in tip top condition ( btw, the opening is as wide as my mouth.. lol )
Kristen , now i can show the world how fit i am...;))
KK , now i can widen my circle of friends
Andrew , now i can keep my private stuff.. PRIVATE ;p


  1. wah... nice wor. :D

    altho i dun even know wat OTT means. LOL

  2. hmmm... what is the private stuff ? Share Share a bit ... I don't have any Xmas Party... I was having a so soooo sooooooo sooooo quiet Xmas ... :p

  3. haah.. that guy in green pants really looks like 梁志强!

  4. Suk, ur frens not only Fao Kua but Fao Fao Kua (FFK) lor! 你输得有理!哈哈!

    Ehhh, that black box with golden greenish ribbon one looks so low profile but elegant and vogue wohh!

  5. 扮野游戏?
    Why Tony Leong say 'that guy in green pants really looks like 梁志强!' KK Wong mah

  6. Yikes...wear that to Yuen steamboat, and I'll surely pengsan! lolz

  7. ott?

    dats so u!

    i'm surprised u didn't win!~

  8. 哈哈,我的侄儿送我一个圣诞礼物,他说我去新国做工时要记得他。

  9. can't belive it! This is your first time attending X'mas Party? you look so "angmoh" 款。。。

    one of them lady is 童欣 right?

  10. hohoho~ I suppose to send you more pictures... haha. Especially that one you "cover" my whole body!!
    Ya, it's really nice to have this kind of party night, and knowing you is a gift too!!

  11. 我没去过浮夸的christmas party囉.好像好好玩哦!
    谁拿到best dressed award? 是KK吗?说真的,我会投他一票囉 ;p
    不好意思 hehe...

  12. althought i really wan to support u , however i hav to put my vote to the purple hair wif mask guy..
    geng.. hahhaha..

  13. nice lor, i think i have not even attended any theme party in my life also lor.. so "big villager" hor?? and no lor, i don't think you all are very flambuoyant lor, quite normal party attire only lah.. so who won the best dressed that night jek??

  14. bong .. OTT = over the top.. its written there maa...;p
    how's ur xmas?

    tz .. oledi say private lo.. means not convenient to announce it publicly la... lol.. sometimes a quiet xmas oso not bad ma :)

    tony .. i can imagine how he scream at me when i tell him this...wait.. maybe i shld do it during the new year's countdown..LOL

  15. alan .. ya wor.. that gift is surprisingly vogue.. i wonder who actually influenced the sender...LOL ;p

    stacey.. OMG.. no wonder i din win.. it is not suppose to be FUNNY ;p

    single .. just some themed party.. just for fun la.. btw, maybe tony is not familiar with local chinese entertainment industry ma :)

  16. ant ..i think i will faint first before u do... cannot breathe ah ;p

    ed .. me oso not very OTT la.. how i wish u r one of the judge..LOL so i can win lo...;p

    mr teh .. that is so sweet.. gd luck with ur new job in spore.. n rmb to keep on blogging ya :)

  17. sleepypig .. do not judge a book by its cover.. i might look angmoh.. but deep down inside me.. there's an AH BENG...LOL.. yup.. she's TungXing..u know her?

    msLai.. wow.. i was the gift? i bet u will start to regret what u just said.. once u know me more..LOL :))

    shin .. ya l.. he won.. cos i under estimated them... tot they will just put on something slightly over than usual.. mana tau...;p

  18. eunice .. hahaha.. FYI, he was voted the worst dressed for the night!

    sk .. i oso just went out from the village.;p ur twin brother won la.. so green.. like frog ;p

  19. Your costume wasn't that OTT le. But full of creativity la. Been so long didn't attend such party as I'm so lazy to think of costume. Went to Genting to "Cari makan" but end up "makan sendiri"!!

  20. i pengsan when i saw all these fabulous clothes :)

  21. wasai... later he cannot tahan o~ haha

  22. ky .. i tot they onli serve seafood in Genting during festive seasons ;p tak sangka u oso like high cholesterol stuffs huh? ;p

    l .. fabulous? which one?

    tony .. err.. this one i dun really get u ..:)

  23. Why you hang curtain on your shoulder? LOL, jahatz nye~ Will you will spend me dinner? Hahaha, joking :)

  24. freedom .. they oso ask me why i dragged my curtain

  25. so envy to see you celebrating christmas with friends!!!! last year i did celebrate with a bunch of friends too. but it's been 3 years didn't celebrate with my hubby. this coming new year 2010 i am gonna celebrate with him. so exciting and looking forward into it!!!! happy 2010 new year to you!!!!!!


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