Saturday, January 30, 2010

Senyum sikit, boleh?

I always envy people with a nice smile. They look so presentable and vogue, i mean at least their facial expression is very nice to look at ( Pic A ). Cos whenever i smile, i tend to ' over do' it, and created lots of wrinkle ( Pic B ). Some call them smiley-wrinkles ( 笑紋 ). But who cares lah kan? A wrinkle is a wrinkle. Not to mention that i'm like doing a free ' gum ' show whenever i smile .. cos besides having big mouth, my gums are quite big too. ;p

I once had a female manager who smile like Pic B, and it looked so forced and fake. And we called her The Mannequin... cos she is actually quite fake in

So, you think you fall under which category ya?

p/s : Although i tried hard to be VOGUE, i guess i'm just not that perfect anyway....:(


  1. I always do a "Cheshire Cat", but my colleagues liken it to more of a "Yahoo!".

  2. Im a type A...picture B look like a 奸笑。。。
    smile always make ppl not easy get sick...

  3. i have a nice smile but also got smiley-wrinkles ... i think i am type C.... akaka

  4. william .. hmm.. its kinda hard to control the muscles on our face right.. to do the 'just nice' smile..:))

    stacey .. 笑笑沒煩腦? 笑太夠力有皺紋時就會很煩腦啦。要笑不要笑好呢?;p

    shin .. type c? next time pls demonstrate to us ya... cos my smiling/laughing style is very limited.. must learn more ;p

  5. 保持友善的微笑最好。

  6. yeah lor, hard to control how you smile, unless ur narcissistic enough to face the mirror every day just to see how do you smile looks the best. :P

    sometimes i undersmile too -- smile not enough xD

  7. single .. but sometimes my 'sincere' smile looks a bit fake.. dunno wht ler? ;p

    grey .. n i over smile ALL TEH TIME

    bong .. call me out dated.. but what is LMAO huh?? :))

  8. aiyoh....u no need to smile d....u just give your big scanning eyes already can liao lor...

  9. ck .. aiyah.. dah lah muka busuk.. now tak senyum ? later nobody want to fren me lah ;p


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