Tuesday, September 20, 2011

5 : 5

I received a sms from the gym's coordinator :

" Danny, can you do a special dance class tomorrow at 2pm? It's for a group of male and female models. You need to teach them dance and poses for their performance for an event later. "

I was like .... YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Finally i'm going to work with a bunch of models. You know la, ever since i won ( self-declared ) the title of Ampang Next Top Model years ago, i haven't really got a chance to 'work' in the modeling world yet, and this might be my chance. I'll get to teach those bitches how to pose vogiuly, cos posing for dance and modeling is slightly different. It's all about the attitude. :)

Then i check my organizer ... DAMN!!! I got a meeting at 2.30pm tomorrow! There goes my big break to another vogiu world. :(

Me doing my Top Model Finale walk at Sg Wang ( nowhere better than the LALA palace kan? ) ... something that i won't have the courage to do now.... And i was so proud with my 5:5 body proportion then... LOL ;p

BTW, what is your body proportion?
5:5 like me?
4:6 like everybody else?
3:7 like damn!!! don't let me see you! ;p


  1. when are you going to do the modeling... we wanted to go there to support you... do some cardboard and wave it. :p

  2. Huh ? What's with the ratio ? Got visual to show as an example ?


  3. tz .. huh? not now la.. now so old liao.. cannot parade old body in front of ppl liao..

    chenxing .. visual .. i'll show u the real person when we meet la :)

  4. ya what does the numbers mean? i'm so blur haha :P

  5. jboy .. the ratio of upper body to lower body lorr.. which is same length .. a bit not so vogiu lorr ...;p

  6. hmm..
    i think i am 4:6 gua..
    never go and measure properly ^.^

  7. I thought all men are 5:5 and all women are 4:6, except some rare ones who are 3:7 and were destined to be models.

    Wouldn't it be weird for a guy to be 3:7? Don't you think it's a little out of proportion?? And what if he goes for high waist pants like in the 70s?

    You should have cancel your meeting for go teach the models to dance and pose for cameras, since you are so vogiu (actually I don't know what's the meaning of this word) :p

  8. matthew .. lucky u .. i'll make sure i dun stand next to u ;p

    jade .. cannot la .. i have to cancel 2 classes just to teach that 1 class.. not worth it .. and also dunno if the models are really nice models or just tepi jalan models ...lol ;p

  9. Wah! You won the modelling contest in Ampang! I wanna watch you parade in undies!

  10. twilight .. u sure? then u can come to Ampang during the hungry ghost period..lol ;p

  11. Long time no see haha,
    Happy Post Kuih Bulan,
    btw i think i am 4:6 hahaha

  12. keo .. u go far far la.. not only 4: 6.. but oso super slim.. ;p

  13. male in 3:7??? whoa... kaki panjang giler...

  14. bong .. dun b surprise.. my classmate like that la.. a bit out of proportion one...lol ;p


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