Friday, September 16, 2011

and the winner is ...

Say you are handling a huge project and you need to hire someone to run it for you. You interviewed 2 candidates :

Candidate A :
Delivers satisfactory end result almost every time. But might be a bit difficult to work with.

Candidate B :
The end result fluctuates, depends on the materials given. But is fun and pleasant to work with.

Who would you hire?

Remarks :
It might be a bit of surprise to you but .. i'm actually the one who is "fun and pleasant to work with". Which means ... :(
( fingers crossed )


  1. The end result fluctuates?


  2. 赢了暗笑,输了笑笑 你就成功了。

  3. baiqin .. just like the weather lorrr.. sometimes a bit hard to predict ;p

    single .. i know .. and already prepared for the worse :))

  4. I'll hire candidate A.... because I like to see results above all.... Those people who work under me are usually quite stressful...

  5. edward .. i think i'll do the same as well .. after all, all people see is the end result , rite? :)

  6. Candidate B. One must enjoy doing it in order for a smoother work flow...

  7. chenxing .. so u r some kind of risk taker la? cos u know, u might not get the result that u wanted :)

  8. I will take B, if working not happy, very stress ler..

  9. william .. no la. not that complicated .. :)

    chris .. haha .. but i think i'll probably go with A, end result is more important :)

    colorblind .. errrrrrrrr........


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