Monday, September 5, 2011


I was wearing my shoes at the locker room when a Chinese uncle came out from the shower just wrapped with towel and stood at the other corner of the room( near the exit ). He opened his locker and took out his clothes. I stood up and walked towards the exit. He took off his towel and started to change. I kinda saw his naked body for 1 second and i was shocked!!!

HOW COME NOTHING GEH???????!!!!!!!!

This is what i saw from in that 1 second ...

The moral of the story is :
" skin color underwear is ... SCARY!!! " lol ;p

In my opinion, i think skin color undie is just as bad as red and orange. What color undie is totally unacceptable to you?


  1. Skin-tone color underwear can be deceiving. I plan to get one.


  2. Hahaha skin colored underwear gives the illusion that you're not wearing anything! kinky..

    But I've never seen underwear in this color before. I have 2 red underwear btw =P

  3. hahahahahahaha
    i know right! and it's worse when u see them wearing tights of that color jogging. @.@ mata also terbeliak.

  4. SHOCKED. I like red okay!

  5. chenxing .. get one for what worr? what can you do with it?

    jboy .. u still think that its kinky when you see nothing at all at those area? kinda weird and scary lorr..

  6. bong .. jogging? got any car accident happened when they pass by or not? lol ;p

    chai .. red is ur fav color? kinda obvious ;p

  7. Lucky you not saw abalone

  8. william .. with that skin color undie.. i doubt that anybody can see its abalone or birdie lorrr .;p

  9. ampun... no skin colour please~~
    other colour still ok la.. why not RED??

  10. @William: Abolone. LOL!

  11. OMG!! I'm sorry that u see those thing... For a second u thought 鬼遮眼 right? Hahaha

  12. I also had a few skin coloured ones that were perfect match with my groin and ass. Ooooo it made heads turn! Were you there?

  13. bighead .. cos i just dun like RED la...;p

    savoir .....

    paul .. ya la.. y cant see anything geh? lol ;p

    twilight .. i dare not look at you at all lorr.. later kena scold ;p

  14. Get it and wear it proudly.


  15. chenxing .,. i really would like to see what can be so proud with it lo..;p


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