Thursday, September 8, 2011


I was at Pavilion this afternoon to set up a counter for my client. It was lunch hour. I can see lots of people at the food court and restaurants. But there were also packed at those ' class punyer shop' like The Loaf, etc where people just eat pastries for lunch. Me instant thought : Boleh kenyang meh? FYI, cake and bread is like makanan celah gigi for me.

I know i won't lo. Cos i'm a typical CHEENA, i need at least rice or noodle for lunch or dinner. Or else i'll be very weak in physical and hot-tempered in emotion. ;p

Can you survive a day without rice or noodles?
Or we are same-same CHEENA? ( i know, it's so hard for a vogiu person like me to admit that i'm typical. ;p )

FYI, only mee & kueytiaw considered noodle. Mihun also makanan celah gigi for me. ;p


  1. I must have something savoury for my main meals. Bread leaves me feeling unsatisfied.

  2. Yup, my philosophy is to have grain at least once a day.

    So, I supposed I am considered very Chinese also.


  3. yalor, other than for breakfast, i think breads and pastries are really just "side" things for me.. must have something more "main" to feel more satisfied, be it rice or noodles.. but wait, burgers considered as what then??

  4. william .. right u know u r full but thats something lacking kan? :)

    chenxing .. me too me too .. a bowl of rice a day, keeps the bitchy danny away ;p

  5. sk .. burger ahh? got meat lorr.. additional 'weight' to the bun lorr.. ;p

    colorblind .. i tak suka nasi.. i PERLUKAN nasi... lol ;p

  6. hi,first time here,i guess due to me being mixed-blooded i don't care if got rice or not,i just eat anything:)

    The Loaf 'class punyer shop'?
    I thought only those at starhill gallery is the 'class punyer shop'

  7. I can survive on bread, but the quality of bread in Malaysia sucks badly unless you're willing to pay premium.

    I can have dessert for a full meal too...

  8. i have no problem not eating rice for main meals for a week, in fact i lost 2kg by doing so. i guess it's up to that person's body, whether the body can go through or not.

  9. ash .. for someone poor like me.. that's sudah consider class la.. tak kuasa nak beli roti semahal itu.. btw, welcome :)

    chai .. full meal dessert? if i do that, i think i'll have to skip meal for the next 3 days.. guilty giler la...;p

    anonymous .. yeah.. i think it depends on the person's body.. and i think i'm a 'rice bucket' ;p

  10. I love my rice! ;)
    Tonight's Yuen will definitely not be makanan celah gigi!lolz

  11. damn.. this post reminds me I cannot live without my staple food - rice. nyahaha!

    damn the stereotype.

  12. ant .. enjoy steamboating la u guys :)

    savoir .. we should form a rice-bucket club.. :))

  13. Haha, I must eat rice for dinner :S

  14. kokhua .. as long as i got rice for meal.. tak kisah lunch or dinner la :)


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