Wednesday, September 28, 2011

their job vs our responsibility

Whenever we are attending a family reunion, it's our 'responsibility' to go and greet the elders. And when they see us, it's also their 'job' to say something about us. And i think the most common ones will be :

1) Waa .. you are all grown up and more matured now. ( in another word, you look OLD ! )

2) Waa .. you look so healthy and prosperous now. ( in another word, you look FAT ! )

Which one is SCARIER?
I DEFINITELY prefer then to tell me the 1st line lorr... cos i know i will grow old vogiuly. But being FAT is just not what i want to do. ;p

p/s : i think i know what is the scariest comment :

" Waaa. you are all grown up and prosperous now. " lol ;p


  1. I think the worst is when they ask "Wah !!! Where is your girlfriend."


  2. i get both... a lot... :(

  3. When are you getting married?

    The worst is when they ask you whether you gained weight when you have actually lost weight?

  4. Hehehe... can't shut their mouth up though we don't like what their comment on us... why not just smile-smile and then not reply/answer them at all.... they will eventually shut up if no response from us... hehehe...

  5. chenxing .. but i think that question is easily managed worr.. too busy is the best answer :0

    bong .. good for u then .. get the best of both :) lol ;p

  6. chai .. i know. there's once i saw this auntie.. and she said i look better as i now gained more weight.. when i was actually lost some...:(

    edward .. agree.. just smile.. ad slowly move ;p

  7. i perfer they told me the first sentence ^.^

    mature is ok for me~

    FAT ????!!!! NO WAY !!!

  8. The last time they used the word "prosperous" on me, I immediately shed 5 kgs. Motivation for voguiness kan?

  9. It's scary for me when I don't know how to address half of my relatives. :S

  10. matthew .. haha.. guess we are from the same club la.. die-die must ;p

    anton .. so good.. i want to lose 1 kg oso macam nak mampus :(

    william .. i'll just smile when i dunno how to address them :)

  11. Hey, I happen to be an 'elder one' but I don't say such things to my younger relatives la... (so don't capsize the boat with a single bamboo stick, LOL) On the contrary, I get a lot of remarks like .... you know la, all the nice things ladies like to hear, haha!

  12. jade .. err.. i never put you in the 'elderly' category what... lol ;p


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