Wednesday, September 21, 2011

pure talent .

I was talking ( bitching ) with another instructor, L on the current gym classes scenario.

L : Eh, i heard that X Fitness got a lot of new instructors ah?

Me : Ya worr.. All very young one.

L : Cos got member told me that their classes are very popular. Mainly bcos either they are 'good looking' or got very 'fit' body'. But some said their classes were a bit messy.

Me : Huh? What about me?

L : Oh no worries. You also quite popular what. Cos you got pure talent. :P


You know, sometimes i also wish that i don't have to gain my popularity based on pure talent. You get what i mean? ;p

Tell me the truth, you rather have good looking and fit body, OR being talented?


  1. good look and fit body are also talents - gifted!! :D

  2. i prefer to have good looks and fit body. nmuahahahaha.

  3. Z - It'd be nice to have both talent and good looks. But HEY, looks may attract members to your class initially, but it's your talent that makes them stay :)

  4. sk .. where got ' so big katak lompar merata-rata ke jeh? ' lol ;p

    bong .. actually .. me too...hahahaah ;p

  5. z .. ya lorr.. i think i need good look to attract more people la.. ppl wont stay if they not even try to step in the class :) btw.. still figuring who r u / :)

    chai .. yerr.. i think i shld not complain la lhorr? cos i'm think i'm better looking than lots of ppl.. and definitely slimmer than lots of ;p

  6. Z - i went to your class today :)

  7. z .. huh? cf or tf? u jantan ke betina? lol ;p

  8. Aiks...people said that you are talented. That's a compliment what.


    Accept it ok ?

  9. Talent of course! If u have talent, u can make money, and u can always work on your looks.
    But if you only have looks and no talent, haha then you're just a tool.

    Just like Rachel Berry from Glee. I'd rather be her than a dumb cheerleader. LOL :P

  10. chenxing .. i know its a compliment.. but sometimes i wish they will complement me on other ;p so greedy horr? ;p

    jboy .. but i wanna be like santana or britney.. cos they dance really well :)

  11. yeah ~~
    of cos is TALENTED !!
    i believe that the attraction of Talented is much more long lasting then Good Looking / Fit Body

  12. Ok... Let's put good look and talent aside.. Let's focus on WHERE IS THE GYM?! focus people!!!

  13. matthew .. but i think u shld hv a bit of gd looking and fit body to start with :)

    paul .. hahaha .. so that everyone will go there rite? penang got such gym ahh?

  14. I'm back after ages...Happy So-Be-Lated Birthday, 后生仔!!

  15. sherry .. waaa.. u really disappeared for quite some time horrr? tq anyway :)


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