Wednesday, November 30, 2011

glam ..meh?

I came home after gym. Passed by my neighbor's house and the door was opened. As a 'concern' neighbor, i quick quick scan the living room. WOW... glamour nyerr... There's this sofa couch with leopard print right at the corner of the living room. Macam tak percaya aje. Cos my neighbor is a very friendly and polite family ( orang-orang alim la konon ). Tak sangka got so wild taste lorr.. ;p

I know some people prefer printed sofa. And some like them made of leather ( nampak macam lebih kelas ;p ). But i prefer those fabric with plain color, not velvet type, but with more texture like twill or canvas type. I think it's more comfortable to sit on it, cos dunno why i always feel that leather sofa very 'warm'. You think so?

What is your ideal sofa set?
Leather? Fabric? Printed?

FYI, the starstrucked contest is still on ya. Fast-fast submit your entry before the end of the week. Good luck. :)


  1. I prefer Japanese style, on the floor that is. A kampung feel, with straw mat on the floor.


    Kidding, I prefer leather.


  2. chenxing .. err.. leather ahh? not hot meh? ;p

  3. Same taste; I also prefer homey designs and textures!

  4. chai .. good choice .. i always tot that those animal print menyemak aje ;p

  5. i like fabric type... but my parents like leather. kononnya la, lebih kelas gitew... so ended we get both. leather sofa with cushions where the covers are fabric.. wakakaka

    but ler... not like we're sitting there 24/7 also. =.=" sien. hahaha

  6. I prefer the fabric.... as long as comfortable, kelas or not kelas is secondary already.... Our house is our private living place, we won't have "rumah berbuka" everyday to show (off) everyone what we have in the house, right? hehehe.....

  7. dr. b .. why people think that leather is classier than fabric lerr? really dun understand :(

    edward .. totally.. comfort comes 1st .. then the look.. :)

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  9. ooi .. u mean the leather sofa right?

    cani .. aiyo.. this girl .. dun simply post ur contact online.. flash mob dah lama off.. but will hv a xmas theme class.. will call u guys soon :)


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