Monday, June 16, 2008

Tokyo Stories 1

There's a lot of things that is interesting in Japan. But i will only share with you part of it, cos it will be too much for me to tell you all about it.

Starting with this :The SuiCa card = the prepaid pass for JR ( Japan Railway ) & subways

1st Stop : ASAKUSA

A typical tourist spot when you go Japan. And of cos, they potong the tourists kau-kau. Things like local food product and souvenirs are priced slightly higher than other places. So i pun behave like tourist lo. Take picture with Ah Piau pose, buy souvenirs for friends and go temple to pray.

Look at the packaging, so can you not buy? And also the ice-cream, so many flavours...

2nd Stop : SHINJUKU

Shinjuku = Chow Kit

Basically a city that is so busy. You can see people everywhere during daytime. And it become more interesting at night, as it is a Red Light area fo Tokyo. There's pimps in suit everywhere asking you what would you like to see or play. Most of them are young guys.

Shinjuku : Day and Night

The city hall of Tokyo banned smoking on the road. So they have to gather at the designated corner to smoke beramai-ramai. There are also some Smoking Police on the road to check on the smokers. Interesting. We should do it here in Malaysia.

NEXT : SHIBUYA & HARAJUKU ( guess what is my costume in Harajuku? ;p )


  1. 1st time heard banned smoking on the road. wondering what will their government do to the smoker that dint follow the rules. :)

  2. err..dunno wo...but MOST of them follow u wont smell smokes when u walk on the street..
    if they smoke...then the smoking police will summon gua..

  3. I guess u wear Sumo costume :p
    haha.. skinny sumo...


  4. i guess you really had a enjoyable trip :) but i dun see any hadiah saguhati for me in the picture :(

  5. jen ...u gila ka?

    sherry..i bought coke for u la..pass to u when i see u

  6. Guess ma, mana tau?!?!

    Then ah, fai di hoi ku la :p


  7. TQ very much :).. cross my heart to support your blog forever, ever, everrrr....

  8. sherry... u really 見coke開眼...


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