Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'M BACK !!!

Hi all... saya sudah balik...
But damn tired..;(

12 days trip :
- 3 days sore throat ( voice like ' Ah Kua ' operation tak jadi ;p )
- 4 days nose block
- 1 day diarrhea

Of cos still got a lot of excitements and great experiences .. which i will shall with you guys later on..But for now, here's the things that i brought back from Japan. ( macam banyak..tapi when i separate it for my relatives and friends..not much left.. )

Will post more interesting pictures soon...but this week very busy la..3 installations & 2 presentations..wish me luck..
I gotta go sleep liao..very tired..


  1. Abang.. aisey, banyak-nya..

    when u come back again? U must have a lot to share with me..

    but i guess u have a lot of work to busy with this week.. ok la, wish you lucks la, may everything goes perfectly to you and may buddha bless you ... :)

    have to tell kak kunyam you have back? :p

  2. welcome back! Adik....

    banyaknya....anything for me? X & Y?

    FYI, today is jen & X's lunar bday...u "sek do" lah...

    wish u good luck also...hv u inform adik lisa that u r back? yesterday she sms me to ask...

  3. jenabi...happy birthday lo

    yvonne...say happy birthday to ur son la...
    i sms lisa liao.

    see pic like a lot of things but after i group it according to relatives n friends...i pun tinggal sikit aje..

  4. uncle

    welcome back. so many presents ah? so you enjoyed japan or not?


  5. abang, jenabi sounds like tambi.. :p anyway, thanks for your wishes..

    left little only ah, ok la, then u keep mine for urself la.. susah susah go nihon carry banyak barang but end up left a bit only ...

    eh.. not bad, still got 4 days healthy and normal de..



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