Tuesday, June 24, 2008

賤嘴正傳 ﹣我沒有肥




These are some of the foods that i had when i was in Japan. A lot meh? ;p


  1. Walau-eh, where got a lot... (是假的:p)

    u see lisa at beijing lagi kia lang la... hahahahah...

    wah, if I go Japan sure I slim back de, coz dont like japanese food especially raw deee...

    I think u will like Japan a lot, coz can see and learn a lot from the display and packaging...

  2. Hmm... i love Japanese foods. One of my favourite...

  3. i like your dark sense of humour, really. never fail to make me laugh.

    enjoy seeing your pics, nice ones, and i thought those geisha and harajuku girls are only seen in magazine and discovery programmes.

    im sure its such a great experience. i'm living in a foreign town and i guess im too immune to the things here and never see it anymore.

    thanks for inspiring me, will be picking up my lazy bum and snap more pics before its too late.

    see lar, you are somehow my muse- but a mushy one.

    xx biaomei

  4. jenAhbi ... next time if someone belanja u go japan..let me replace u la

    chris...me too me too...but their serving is really big..me on diet le..

    biaomei...dark meh? tot very bright one...show me ur pics when u r bk frm ur europe tour la ;)

  5. i want the fooddddddddddd

  6. bee.. okok, later i email the food to u ;p


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