Monday, June 30, 2008

Osaka Stories

Last Stop : OSAKA

Osaka is a less noisy, less busy and less stressful city as compared to Tokyo. So you can enjoy walking on the streets happily. Most of the people there travel by bicycle. Healthy and enviromental friendly. But still an interesting place to explore new things. Like the temple ( another UNESCO listed item ), watching those young people dancing next to the road and shopping malls and also the things and foods is slightly cheaper than Tokyo. Apa lagi? I again stuffed my stomach with those food that i missed in Tokyo - tako balls, okonomiyaki and more. Oh ya, the green tea ice-cream is simply DELICIOUS. I think i had more than 5 when i was there.

It was Saturday when i went to the tourist spot in Osaka ( forgot the name ). And the crowd was scary.....

CONCLUSION of my Japan trip :
- Most of the young people ( 90% ) in Japan are slim. That's why they look so nice in skinny jeans.
- Their skinny jeans is so comfortable and cutting is so right for Asian. I bought 2 pairs. and cheap too
( Topman RM229. UNIQLO ( Japanese brand equivalent to United Colrs of Benetton ) RM130. )
- Japanese curry rice is sooooooooo YUMMY. Brought some back for 'bekalan hari tua' ;p
- Although Japan is one of my dream country, but i still prefer staying in KL/Ampang. Cos the living style is too stressful for me. ( There were 2 incident happened while i was in Japan. Earthquake and Killing on the streets )

So, do i want to go Japan again? Abso-f*cking-lutely YES !!!
( Who want to sponsor me ??? )


  1. eh ko, ur shirt very nice le, with :p icon, u bought there or here?

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  3. Danny: Since u r in Japan, sure u shop a lot lor?? So many cute things to buy there... :)

  4. chirs....bought a lot..but most of them are for friends and family..biasalah....


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