Saturday, June 21, 2008

Kyoto Stories 1

5th Stop : KYOTO city

I travelled from Tokyo to Kyoto by the famous bullet train - NOZOMI Shinkansen. It is the fastest among the other bullet train. The speed can reach 300kmph it takes 2hrs 30mins. Once i reached Kyoto main station, i can see and feel the difference between Kyoto and Tokyo.

Basically Kyoto is a less busy city with a lot of beautiful temples and buildings. The people there also seem to have less stress compared to the fast pace in Tokyo. A less busy and more fresh air city.

Went to severals world known temples suck as Kinkakuji, Ginkakuji and more ( tak boleh ingat all the names la ). But some of them are listed as UNESCO World Heritage. ( I think my name also in the list...LOL ) You can see the golden color temple - Kinkakuji. It's really GOLD...and the garden surrounding it is simply beautiful. Everything in it is a piece of art.

Then i went to the famous tourist area - GION. Which is famous for it's old and authentic Japanese buildings and also GEISHA hunting. The shops and houses there are really ANTIQUE - as if you are in an era long long time ago. Every single thing are full of histories. A place with very old and antique mood.

Why hunt? Cos that area is famous for the restaurant with Geisha. Normally tourist will gather at on spot to wait for the geisha to come out from the shops. ( Which i did ) And when they come out, we will just snap their pictures non-stop as if they are some SUPERSTAR. Actually they are. Cos maybe they are too busy with lots of customers, they don't stop for you to take pictures. They just walk quickly from one restaurant to another. It's up to your luck and photography skill to capture them. I guess i was lucky. :)

Geisha vs Big Mouth ( Both on the run ;p )

I took the picture of the boy and the dog figure in front of some shop in Gion area. Which i later on found some similarity in one of the flyers that i got there. I think there's some story behind the boy and dog. Wonder what is it.

Old vs New

NEXT : Japanese traditional Ryokan ( 客棧 ) and finest Japanese cuisine


  1. Haha abang, you look like carrying baby more than carrying thing.

    Seems like your japan tour so funny hor, ok la, put in my travel list next year ;p

    Remember we gonna go Bali for family tour ya...

  2. Bali? when? how i i dunno one?

  3. I just decide only ma, not confirm yet. plan to go there take wedding pic ;p then can take family pic as well.. a bo got any place to recommend??

  4. The gals in kimono r so cute..
    Like their costume.
    Kyoto.... Quite an interesting city.

  5. hi chris...
    if u like ancient building, cultural stuffs...the u'll like kyoto ;)
    btw, their costume is damn expensive !!!


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