Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kyoto Stories 2

I had the chance to experience the different way of living at this Japanese RYOKAN ( 客棧 ). It is different from those hotels as it is those real old traditional rest house. And it is not cheap. But a lot of tourist would like to experience it at least once. Once i step in the ryokan, you can really see the traditional Japanese house and furniture. And the room with a open balcony facing the garden - Zen Garden ( konon ). As a jakun/ ah piau from KL, i quickly open the sliding doors facing the garden and went out to take pictures. The landscape of the garden is really like waht we saw from tv or magazine. So nice, so green, so fresh, so relaxing and so calm. Zen mah...Ommmmmmmmmmmmm
( The guest next to my room is some mat salleh. I'm sure he laughed at all my pose and noise while taking pictures as i was too excited !! )

Staying in those square room with 'tatami' ( not sure of the spelling ) and wooden framed paper-made sliding door. Still remember how those people try to peep by poking a hole on the paper in those old movies. You basically eat and sleep in the room. But i would say that i still prefer sleeping on a proper bed. ;)

It's makan time - dinner. We were served with the KAISEKI RYORI - the highest class in Japanese cuisine. The opasan ( middle aged woman ) waitress served the dish one by one. We actually just eat as fast as possible. Cos she kept on knocking the door and serve new dish every 5 minutes. It's quite fun cos not sure how many dishes per course. Very nice, colorful and unique presentation of the food. But most of it i just 'sapu' withou knowing what is that.

The complete st of a KAISEKI RYORI. Isn't it colorful?

After the dinner, it's basically bedtime. Cos there if no other things to do in that ryokan or the area nearby. Luckily i brought my laptop, so can watch some movies. It was just 10 pm le, how can you expect a city guy like me sleep at 10pm???

The next morning, had the morning call at 8.30am. Saying that the breakfast is ready and served at the dining hall. Japanese id really punctual. Cos when i reached the hall, basically most of the guests are there already. I quickly eat the breakfast ( so early ) cos thier kitchen closed at 9.30am.

Again, colorful and well presented meal. ( Look at my face, still very blurr cos just woke up )

Overall, it's fun to experience the traditional way of Japanese living.



  1. Oh my god... there r a lot of foods.. Can u finish it?

  2. ko ah.. ur face very obvious u r just awake.. aiyo..

  3. chris...thats the fun part abt it..cos u'll never know when is the last dish...just sapu la...

    jen...thats y, nvr take picture within 3 hrs after u wake up


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