Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tokyo Stories 2

3rd Stop : SHIBUYA

Once i came out from the Shibuya main station, i was shocked with the crowd there.

But thats not the main thing that shocked me. It's the whole enviroment. Shibuya to me is like Times Square + Sg Wang + Low Yat + a bit of Sunway Pyramid x 10 !!! You can see seafood everywhere. Japanese seafood of cos. The dressing style there is totally different from other area in Tokyo. Most of the people there are young and hip ( in their own way ). I didn't really shopped there cos the things there are a bit too 'fishy' for my age. Just walk and see lo. But i have to say that their seafood is slightly presentable than our local seafood product. Cos their food presentation is from head to toe - FULL PACKAGE.
My conclusion of SHIBUYA = 20% tourist + 60% fresh seafood + 20% smelly seafood ;p

Even Colonel Sanders also mengatal with his RED suit !!!

There is something special about the trains in Tokyo. They have cool and less cold train cart for you to choose.
(還好只是弱冷,不是弱智 )If not sure no one go in ..LOL

4th Stop : HARAJUKU

It was a beautiful Sunday morning when i went to Harajuku. We first went to the famous temple. You have to go thru a long road of small stones a trees on both side. Very cooling and refreshing. And when i reached the temple, i saw a lot of couple getting married there. So i pun kepoh take their pictures. And i made a wish. Next time if you go there please check if my wish board is still there or not.

Then come my favourite part of Harajuku - THE HARAJUKU GIRLS!!!!
It's interesting to see how they dressed up and gathered at certain spots and let people take pictures with them. But not all of them are friendly when you want to take their picture. We have to grunge rock girls, Lolita girl...and oh...also 2 mat salleh trying to be Harajuku girls ( bottom left of the pic ).

Since everyone take pictures with them, i also take la. Most of them are pretty when you look carefully. I said MOST only, ok? ;p
By the way, the theme of my costume is " Ah Piau from KL " ;p

You'll see me chasing aftehr the Geisha to take their pictures.
Got very nice pictures to show :)


  1. Ah Piau from KL?? cause the ah piau shirt is from China ma, conclusion is, Ah Piau from KL in China Ah Piau shirt. haha..

    the shirt nice la... u should put down ur sleeve and wear shorts.. hhahaha.. cannot tahan edi, then wear socks.. GOOOALLLLL.... keeper look.. hahaha...

    Suddenly ur face expression come across my mind when you first try the shirt. :p


  2. heloo...welcome back.. looking thru all the pics, nice! I burst into crazy laugh when i read the word "ah piau from kl"... lol

  3. hello dor..tqtq..hows life? going to post more pics..

  4. jen...ah piau refering to me..cos whatever i wore in Japan look so outdated as compared to their people...;)

  5. makes me wanna go japan now!! i've always love japan....someday friend...someday =)
    Life is as normal as it cud be. I've not fully recovered from the travel-bug myself, Arrrgh i want to traaaaavel more often!!!!

  6. now I remember what I want you to buy in japan... but its too late..

    I want to buy burberry blue label and black label la, only available in Japan... :(


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