Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lift stories...

Besides the pantry, lift is another good place to bitch or listen to others bitching on something. I overheard ( actually PURPOSELY pasang telinga la ;p ) 2 guys talking / complaining about one of their female colleague.

A : You know why Irene is angry with me?

B : Nope. Why?

A : Cos i didn't show up at her birthday party. She is so CHEAPSKATE..invite everyone to celebrate her birthday party at the club. She did not pay anything cos we have to pay for our own drinks. And the best thing is , it was on Ladies Night. So she don't have to pay the cover charge. She is so clever to have such plan.

B : No wonder i heard that she is not talking to a few other guys in the department. Guess they didn't turn up at the party as well la..

Ting! Doors open..i go out..end of story..

What would you do if you are Mr. A?
If that lady is my close friend, then i give face...if just normal colleague/friend..i'll ask her to try something new ..( refer to my entry on 1st June )


  1. bravo!!!!!

    but no doubt, the pantry is a lovely place to 8.

  2. toilet oso, smoking area oso, cafe oso, reception counter oso...

  3. dan...the 1st place we 8 abt someone fagly(fat&ugly) is at the photography room...taking pics for the raya items...dunno if u remember =)

  4. ya ka? fat n ugly? who ya..

    u know year 365 days i bitch almost everyday..memory almost full la..can't recall..siapa ya?
    ( is it ur ex boss ah? can't rmb his name..the one next to joseph tan? )

  5. don't wanna named names here la...who knows he read ur blogs too...hahaha
    well how many fat unproductive manager were there in 2nd floor...

  6. ooo..2nd floor one ah? then i know who liao..hehe


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